expo 2020 fireworks
Image Credit: Expo 2020 Dubai

After six months of welcoming the world to its doorstep, Expo 2020 Dubai is finally drawing to a close with the curtain coming down on the greatest show on the planet.

It's hard to believe that the Expo is over — but what a remarkable and thoroughly life-changing event it has been. It took months of planning, years of building, months more of waiting for the worst of the unexpected pandemic to ease, before millions of visitors and thousands of organisers, volunteers and helpers turned Expo into an outstanding success.

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When the figures are counted, close to 24 million people will have passed through the site’s physical portals, treated to an unprecedented look at the world’ future, technologies that will change lives, innovations that will alter forever the way we live, and some just good old-fashioned fun and entertainment.

That was the live show – online, close to 200 million visited, making the virtual event a resounding success

World’s greatest fair and exposition

Expo was an event that, once the idea was floated more than a decade ago that the world’s greatest fair and exposition could be held in Dubai – a city and emirate that has always looked to the future with positivity and enthusiasm — it became part and parcel of our way of life.

It seems so long ago when Dubai was announced as the winner of the 2020. From then on, that dream became a remarkable reality — a vision to turn the site into the greatest show on Earth

It was a venture that the leadership, top officials, corporations, sponsors and people of took to heart, when it seemed as if the world itself was changing in a way no one could have imaged. But the dream was very much a reality — and the response has been nothing short of magical.

Millions came from every corner of the globe, taking pride in their respective national pavilions, sharing in the coming together of a global vision, leaving the emirate and nation filled with positive impressions and a realisation that the future is to be embraced.

Together, we can make things happen. Together, we made Expo 2020 Dubai happen. It will be missed.