Drug dealers who target children are among the most callous criminals, willing to addict youths and destroy young lives in order to line their pockets.

Now, they are using social networks, among other websites, to take advantage of naive youngsters and purvey their poison. Dubai Police have warned that traffickers are targeting students when dealing in drugs such as ‘spice’.

This drug, like others, can cause hallucinations, hysteria and impair motor skills and has caused two deaths in Dubai this year. The UAE has moved to ban the illicit substance and shut down websites trying to facilitate the trade in illegal and controlled drugs.

Dubai Police have made it clear that they intend to pursue drug dealers to the full extent of the law. The public must support them by reporting suspected drug crimes.

Importantly, the police are offering addicts a way out of a life of pain and suffering. According to the Federal Law, those addicts who surrender to the police for treatment will not be subject to legal action.

This combination of law enforcement and the rehabilitation of addicts is one of the most effective ways to reduce drug abuse in the UAE.

While the authorities must do all they can to protect the society from traffickers, it is the responsibility of families and individuals to ensure that young people do not fall victim to the menace.