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The plan to make Dubai a leading health care destination ticks all the boxes, leading the emirate to develop a cutting edge. The fundamentals of achieving this lie in establishing services and facilities that are so attractive and competitive, they override the choices made by individuals of seeking medical solution on their own turf. The medical tourism strategy, as presented by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) last week, has six clearly defined pathways that will converge to lead to the desired outcome of attracting people from all over to seek treatment here: Dentistry, eye surgery, cosmetic surgery, general medical screenings, orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine.

Each of these fields is a magnet in health care in today’s times and as trend-spotting reveals, they will continue to be the most sought-after treatments. In picking them, Dubai is demonstrating a proactive stance once again and moving swiftly towards establishing its reputation as the regional hub of medical excellence, apart from working towards being counted among the best medical destinations in the world. Also, the proposal to launch an e-portal for Dubai’s medical tourism segues perfectly with the progress of its Smart Government initiative — creating the right synergy between its services and those who wish to avail of them.