There are few words that can describe the sick and seditious nature of the suicide bomb attack on a Saudi mosque on Friday. A lone attacker entered the Ali Ibn Abi Taleb mosque during midday prayers in Kudeih in Qatif in the eastern province, detonated his devilish device and killed at least 21 worshippers and injured others. That there is a dispute over the actual toll speaks to the horrific nature of this premeditated attack.

The suicide bombing has been claimed by Daesh (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) and represents a blatant, cynical and deliberate attempt to spread division and hatred within Saudi Arabia. By deliberately attacking a Shiite mosque in such a provocative and sickening manner, Daesh is attempting to reap, in its sick, demented and twisted mind, the ‘benefits’ of sectarian hatred.

Let’s not kid ourselves — Daesh has but one objective. Anyone, regardless of nationality, creed or social status, who stands in its way or opposes its mistaken attempt to set up a ‘caliphate’, is killed with astonishing and agonising brutality.

This attack — violating the sanctity of a mosque — must be denounced loudly, clearly and widely, in the strongest possible terms.

The grand mufti of Saudi Arabia was quick to take to the airwaves and denounce Daesh for its callous and deliberate provocation in trying to sow dissent and division. The government and people of the UAE stand fully united in condemning this barbaric attack. In a statement, Dr Anwar Gargash, the UAE’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, was equally strong in his condemnation, and has reaffirmed this nation’s total and universal rejection of violence and terrorism.

Daesh believes in a perverted and corrupt set of values diametrically opposed to the fundamental teachings of Islam. Its actions — be it in suicide attacks on worshippers as they pray, slaughtering resident of towns where it takes control, and destroying the heritage of past civilisations — are crimes against all humanity in a moral if not strict legal definition.