It is a growing nuisance and something needs to be done about it. The onslaught of the massage parlour advertising in Dubai — by festooning people’s car windows, and doorsteps, with their calling cards on a daily basis — is not only intolerably annoying, it is also intensifying.

Across the city, parking lots have become the unofficial sales offices for these outfits and residents are feeling the stress of having to discard these garish, and sometimes obscene, cards on a daily basis. The Department of Economic Development (DED) has clarified that the practice of distributing business cards in public places and on streets is illegal, so it is time it cracked down on this covert operation. The impunity with which the ‘sales staff’ are carrying out this task has gone on long enough and the authorities must implement the law with more vigour and parlours that run these operations must be taken to task.

Banning this odious practice also has a side benefit — it leads to less littering in public spaces as many people are so annoyed by this ambush that they simply chuck the cards on the streets. In more ways than one, a clean-up is required.