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Covid Vaccine UAE Image Credit: WAM

For the past two years and for better or worse, the coronavirus has been a reality for billions. Now, as the world faces a third year from the ever-present threat posed by COVID-19 and its variants, there are realities that cannot be ignored.

Firstly, the initial wave came as a significant reality check to everyone in the world. The norms and behaviours that we took for granted were fragile, and it took but a virus and its variants to serve as a reminded that we are, when all is said and done, biological entities endowed with an indomitable spirit that can overcome adversity and the challenges presented to us by nature.

Secondly, our ability to develop vaccines as an effective defensive shield against Covid-19 and its variants has allowed us to resume much of our activities and connections to a great extent.

The authorities in the UAE, combined with key and decisive measures from the government, has been remarkable in keeping us all safe.

It’s worth remembering that here in the UAE, which has one of the highest levels of vaccinated people globally, we have been able to open our doors to the world and showcase this remarkable and resilient nation through Expo 2020 Dubai. While other nations struggle with a proportion of people who fail to understand the undeniable benefits of vaccination and its impact on the greater good for all, the high vaccine-uptake rates in the UAE are exemplary.

But for all of the progress we have made, we must remain vigilant.

That is why the UAE has urged residents and citizens to take the COVID-19 vaccine booster jab, citing the efficiency of the booster dose in containing Omicron variant.

The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority has released the guidelines for the vaccine booster jabs available in the country, reiterating the importance of booster jabs.

As noted by Dr. Noura Al Ghaithi, Official Spokesperson for the UAE Health Sector, “Studies have shown vaccine doses and booster shots help significantly reduce the rates of hospitalisation and death and reduce the virus’ mutations into new variants.”

Getting a booster isn’t just about protecting yourself, it’s also a key component of a public health strategy to protect the elderly people and those with chronic diseases.

Public health measures such as education about hand hygiene, masks and social distances are one defensive weapon, and vaccines another key defence. So too boosters — and vigilance also. To defeat COVID-19, we need both patience and diligence. And boosters too.