There is no depth that is too low for Al Houthi rebels as they wage a self-serving, sectarian and seditious campaign to divide and destroy Yemen as never before. The latest cowardly and unconscionable act was the launching of a ballistic missile against the suburbs of Riyadh on Tuesday, and only the swift, expert and accurate response of the defence forces of Saudi Arabia prevented what would have undoubtedly been a loss of life episode on the city’s residence.

This brazen act is the third such launch in recent months and underlines why it is necessary to bring every ready and available force to bear on Al Houthi forces. Until such a time as these insurgents, who have refused every reasonable entreaty to talk peace and join in the future efforts to rebuild Yemen as a stable and secure nation, are eradicated, our Arab brothers there will never know peace.

But make no mistake, Al Houthis are not the clan of misfits and rebels that simply overthrew the rightful and legitimate government of President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi. They are a force that has amassed an arsenal of heavy weaponry, one that has enough sophistication to be able to target Riyadh and launch a missile at the city.

This is a group that, when peace talks were underway to bring them into the fold, wanted to maintain their artillery pieces and tanks. And over the past year, the group has now moved on to be able to launch missiles and deploy sea mines in international shipping waters.

Such weaponry does not appear out of nowhere and certainly is beyond the manufacturing capabilities of a group that began as a clan militia. Iran and its Revolutionary Guard have been arming Al Houthis to the teeth, providing technical assistance, training, logistical support, bullets, bombs and ballistic missiles. Tehran is intent that Yemen will never know peace while it has minions there to do its sectarian bidding.

Consider this: The Saudi Arabia-led international coalition fighting to restore the legitimate government in Yemen — and in which the UAE is proud to participate — is acting with the authority of resolutions from the United Nations Security Council. And in actively arming and supporting Al Houthis, Tehran is thumbing its nose at the UN. Tehran, despite the veneer of moderation it shows to secure a deal to avoid nuclear sanctions, is an arms monger actively feeding its mercenaries.