For the past 30 months, an international coalition of Arab nations, led by Saudi Arabia and acting on a series of United Nations Security Council resolutions — and in which the UAE is proud to play its part — has been working to restore the legitimate government in Yemen of President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi. At times, it’s been difficult work, but the multinational mission has never lost focus of its task to end the Iranian-inspired and trained insurrection that overthrew the legitimate government, end the conditions that allowed terrorist organisations such as Al Qaida and Daesh (the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) to operate there, and to set the nation on a path to peace and stability for our Arab brothers.

Now, there is light at the end of the tunnel, with 85 per cent of Yemen coming under control once more of the right and proper government in Sana’a. Speaking to representatives of the Saudi, Emirati, Sudanese and Bahraini forces working with the national army of Yemen, Prime Minister Ahmad Obaid Bin Dagher said that with just 15 per cent of territory now controlled by Al Houthi rebels and their followers, a final military victory was at last within reach.

This is not a time for celebration, though, as much difficult work needs to be done to secure stability. Even then, our Arab brothers in Yemen need to enjoy the benefits of a health system that needs new hospitals, an infrastructure that needs to be rebuilt, a water supply that provides enough for all, and an end to the threat of malnutrition. Indeed, the international forces working in Yemen are there for the long haul, and will remain when peace is won to ensure Yemen is rebuilt and set on a path of stability, good governance and prosperity.

The project underway in Yemen now and in the future is to ensure once and for all that it is no longer used as a pawn by the regime in Iran. Tehran’s Revolutionary Guards and its sectarian administration have long coveted a foothold in this Arab region. It is a misguided ambition, just as its support, supply of weapons and training to Al Houthi rebels was a misadventure of epic proportions.

Tehran, and those who do its terrorist work, should take full notice that the international community and the fraternity of Arab nations will never tolerate its interference in Arab lands. Its meddlesome interventions are tiresome, and the ultimate victory will be that much sweeter.