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Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi’s authorities announced a list of 97 locations, where residents can go to get a free vaccine in the emirate. The announcement was made by the Abu Dhabi Media Office on January 6.

The vaccine is being provided free of cost and does not require prior appointment booking. Residents wishing to get vaccinated will be required to check their centre’s operating hours to make the visit. Earlier this week, Abu Dhabi’s Department of Health had launched a campaign titled ‘Choose to vaccinate’ asking everyone to get vaccinated to protect themselves against COVID-19.

So, if you are looking to get vaccinated, here is all that you need to know.

How many doses of the vaccine have to be taken?

Each resident receives two doses of the vaccine, 21 to 28 days apart.

How old do I have to be to receive the vaccine?

The vaccine is currently only being offered to residents aged 18 years and older.

Do I have to pay for the vaccine?

The vaccine is being offered free of charge at the designated facilities.

Which groups of people cannot take the vaccine?

The Abu Dhabi Department of Health lists six categories of people who cannot get the COVID-19 vaccine at present:

- children under the age of 18 years

- pregnant women

- nursing mothers

- people with immunodeficiency diseases

- women planning to become pregnant within the near future, i.e., three months from taking the vaccine

- those who are allergic to any vaccine, food, medicine or substance, or those who carry self-injectable adrenaline

Do I have to book an appointment to get a vaccine?

The Abu Dhabi Department of Health has said people who want to get the shots can go directly to the designated facilities working hours, and that there is no need to have a prior appointment.

When getting the vaccine, what information should I share with the health facility?

Inform the healthcare professionals at the vaccination centre about the following:

- any medication you are currently taking

- any medication or substance to which you are allergic

List of vaccination centres in Abu Dhabi emirate

Abu Dhabi city

Health facilities

1. Al Bahia Healthcare Centre - Location

2. Baniyas Healthcare Centre - Location

3. Al Bateen Healthcare Centre - Location

4. Al Falah Healthcare Centre - Location

5. Madinat Khalifa Healthcare Centre - Location

6. Al Khatim Healthcare Centre - Location

7. Madinat Mohammad Bin Zayed Healthcare City - Location

8. Al Maqtaa Healthcare Centre - Location

9. Al Mushrif Children’s Specialty Centre - Location

10. Al Samha Healthcare Centre - Location

11. Al Zafaranah Diagnostic and Screening Centre - Location

12. Disease Prevention and Screening Centres, Musaffah - Location

13. Disease Prevention and Screning Centres, Abu Dhabi - Location

14. Seha COVID-19 Vaccination Centre, Mina - Location

15. Al Mafraq Field Hospital - Location

16. Burjeel Hospital - Location

17. Burjeel Medical Centre, Shamkha - Location

18. Burjeel Medical Centre, Shahama - Location

19. Burjeel Medical Centre, Al Zeina - Location

20. Burjeel Medical Centre, Yas Mall - Location

21. Burjeel MHPC Marina Medical Centre - Location

22. Burjeel Day Surgery Centre - Location

23. Medeor 24x7 Hospital - Location

24. LLH Hospital - Location

25. Lifecare Hospital, Musaffah - Location

26. LLH Hospital, Musaffah - Location

27. Lifecare Hospital, Baniyas - Location

28. Burjeel Medical City - Location

29. Mediclinic Al Noor Hospital - Location

30. Mediclinic Airport Road - Location

31. NMC Specialty Hospital, Abu Dhabi - Location

32. NMC Royal Hospital, Khalifa City - Location

33. Bareen International Hospital - Location

34. Capital Health Screening Centre, Al Jazira Sports Club branch - Location

35. Healthpoint Hospital - Location

36. Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, Al Khaleej Al Arabi branch - Location

37. Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, Zayed Sports City - Location

38. Amana Healthcare Rehabilitation Centre, Healthpoint - z


1. Al Bateen Majlis - Location

2. Al Manhal Majlis - Location

3. Al Mushrif Majlis - Location

4. Al Wathba Majlis - Location

5. Rabdan Majlis - Location

6. Al Wathba South Majlis - Location

7. The First Emirati Astronaut Majlis - Location

8. Mohamed Khalaf Majlis - Location

Al Ain

Health facilities

1. Al Hayer Healthcare Centre - Location

2. Al Hili Healthcare Centre - Location

3. Al Jahili Healthcare Centre - Location

4. Mezyad Healthcare Centre - Location

5. Al Muwaiji Healthcare Centre - Location

6. Neima Healthcare Centre - Location

7. Oud Al Touba Diagnostic and Screening Centre - Location

8. Al Quaa Healthcare Centre - Location

9. Al Shwaib Healthcare Centre - Location

10. Sweihan Healthcare Centre - Location

11. Al Towayya Children’s Specialty Centre - Location

12. Al Yahar Healthcare Centre - Location

13. Remah Healthcare Centre - Location

14. Disease Prevention and Screening Centres, Al Ain - Location

15. Al Khazna Healthcare Centre - Location

16. Seha COVID-19 Vaccination Centre, Al Ain - Location

17. Tawam Hospital COVID-19 Vaccination Centre - Location

18. Sinayat Al Ain COVID-19 Vaccination Centre - Location

19. Laser Screening DPI Centre, Al Hili - Location

20. Burjeel Royal Hospital - Location

21. Medeor 24-7 International Hospital - Location

22. Mediclinc Al Jowhara Hospital - Location

23. Mediclinic Al Ain Hospital - Location

24. Mediclinic Al Yahar - Location

25. NMC Specialty Hospital, Al Ain - Location

26. Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, Al Ain - Location

27. Capital Health Screening Centre - Location

28. Amana Healthcare Medical and Rehabilitation Hospital - Location


1. Falaj Hazaa Majlis, Al Ain - Location

2. Al Sarooj Majlis, Al Ain - Location

3. Alkhabisi Majlis, Al Ain - Location

4. Um Ghafa Majlis, Al Ain - Location

5. Suwaihan Majlis, Al Ain - Location

6. Al Rhowdha Majlis, Al Ain - Location

7. Zakher Majlis, Al Ain - Location

8. Manazef Majlis, Al Ain - Location

9. Al Dhaher Majlis, Al Ain - Location

10. Al Markhaniya Majlis, Al Ain - Location

11. Al Wiqan Majlis, Al Ain - Location

12. Al Taweyya Majlis, Al Ain - Location

13. Al Reef Majlis, Al Ain - Location

14. Al Mas’oudi Majlis, Al Ain - Location

Al Dhafra

Health facilities

1. Ghayathi Hospital - Location

2. Liwa Hospital - Location

3. Mirfa Hospital - Location

4. Silla Hospital - Location

5. Al Dhafra Family Medicine Centre - Location

6. Delma Hospital - Location

7. Abu Al Abyad Clinic - Location

8. Sir Bani Yas Clinic - Location

9. Burjeel Oasis Medical Centre - Location

10. Mediclinic Madinat Zayed - Location


1. Madinat Zayed Majlis, Al Dhafra - Location

2. Delma Majlis, Al Dhafra - Location

3. Mohammed Al Falahi Al Yasi Majlis, Al Dhafra - Location

4. Silla Majlis, Al Dhafra - Location

5. Liwa Majlis, Al Dhafra - Location

6. Mubarak bin Qarran Majlis - Location