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Dubai: The UAE’s Public Prosecution has raised awareness on the law penalising the destruction of public and private property in the country. Through video posts on its official social media channels, the authority highlighted what Article 424 of the UAE Penal Code states on damaging property owned by someone else.

While destroying someone else’s property or rendering it unfit for use can lead to a jail term of a maximum period of one year and/or a fine of up to Dh10,000, the consequences can be more severe if it involves a public property or facility, or endangers the lives of people.

In case the action is committed by a gang of three or more people, the jail term can go up to a maximum of five years.

Article 424 of UAE Penal Code
Detention for a maximum period of one year and a fine not exceeding Dh10,000, or by one of these two penalties shall be imposed upon anyone who destroys or damages property owned by another, whether movable or immovable, and renders it unfit for use or impairs such a property in any other manner.
A penalty of detention shall apply if the crime results in disruption of a public utility or facility, or if such a crime exposes the life, security, or health of people to danger.
A penalty of imprisonment for a maximum period of five years shall apply if the crime is committed by a gang of at least three persons.

The article is part of Chapter 9 of the UAE Penal Code, which deals with the penalties that a person faces for harming property, trees or crops, and animals.