Al Ain Water has a growing range of sustainably packaged bottled drinking water, including the Middle East’s first 100 per cent plant-based water bottle. Having said that, innovation and sustainability are key priorities for Agthia and with that Al Ain Water is the first to launch the UAE’s first locally produced 100 per cent rPET Bottle.

PET is a highly recyclable plastic material, and when recycled it becomes rPET, a strong, durable, and infinitely recyclable material that is commonly used for packaged foods and drinks. Once reprocessed, rPET can be used to make new plastic bottles or other items. It supports the recycling industry, saves energy, resources, and diverts these plastics from landfills.

The new 100 per cent rPET bottle is made of post-consumer recycled plastic and is infinitely recyclable. rPET generates 75 per cent less of CO2 emissions and requires less energy compared to virgin material production. It has a better overall ecological balance.

The main aspects of sustainability are reducing reliance on new resources, reducing energy consumption, and carbon footprint — rPET helps us achieve all of these objectives and additionally it directly contributes to a viable circular economy because rPET can be recycled indefinitely.

Moreover, the higher the proportion of rPET in circulation, the better it is for the environment. Compared to new PET, manufacturing bottles from rPET require significantly less energy, and results in a five-fold reduction in CO2 emissions. rPET bottles can be recycled again after use to make more rPET flakes, starting the cycle over again.

The launch of Al Ain Water’s 100 per cent rPET bottle comes in line with the UAE’s Ministry of industry and Advanced Technology’s recent ministerial decree, regulating the manufacturing and trade of recycled plastic water bottles and is a direct contribution to the UAE’s drive for sustainability especially in 2023, which is the Year of Sustainability.