Richelle Fosberry, PR Coordinator, Mojo PR. Image Credit: Supplied picture

1. A pencil is eco-friendly. The fact that it is made of wood means you’re not harming the environment while you use it, unlike a plastic pen.

2. It’s a great buy-one-get-one-free offer – buy a pencil and you get an eraser on top free, well, most of the time. The pen has no such added benefits.

3. You get all the colours of the rainbow. Pencils come in numerous colours, whereas a pen normally comes in one of four shades – blue, black, red and green.

4. A pencil allows flexibility. Want to change something? Simply use the eraser on top.
The scratches of a pen give the impression of a fickle mind.

5. A pencil is more artistic. Feel like doodling or scribbling on a scrap of paper? Go ahead, use a pencil. It’ll look like a potential masterpiece. With a pen it’ll seem as if a cockroach took an ink bath and decided to crawl across your scrap of paper.

6. There is a certain satisfaction in sharpening pencils that pen users will never experience.

7. Fragility comes in handy. A pencil can simply break in two but that means we can share it with friends; after all, sharing is caring. This isn’t possible with pens.

8. A pencil allows your artistic skills to flourish with varied darkness and shadings. Pens are just one boring colour.

9. A pencil will never make ink smudges on your hands or clothes – it’s awful to be an adult and look like a child.

10. Pencils are cheap. Compared to a pen, a pencil generally costs less and is, therefore, definitely more attractive.