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As COP28 aims to deliver tangible climate action, Puck has launched its sustainability awareness campaign, Your Creativity, Infinite Possibilities, which promotes upcycling of everyday food packaging in homes across the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Puck's campaign is aimed at inspiring consumers to find new, fun and practical ways to re-use their Puck glass jars, keeping in mind the limited capability of glass recyclability within the Middle East and North Africa. The new initiative aligns closely with the 12th United Nations Sustainable Development Goal, which focuses on responsible consumption and production.

Puck, a global brand with purpose, belonging to Arla Foods multinational dairy company, strives to build a better future for generations to come and believes that the actions we take today will support a stronger planet and enable stronger people. Puck continuously steps up on sustainable initiatives such as reducing waste and CO2 emissions in its operations to bring consumers the goodness of dairy through nutritious products. By inviting all cheese-lovers to upcycle their favourite jars, Puck aims to encourage consumers to unleash their creativity by being more environmentally conscious, reinforcing the UAE's vision to eliminate landfill waste by 2030 and Saudi’s National Centre for Waste Management’s goal to divert 82 per cent of waste away from landfills.

Yahia Adel Z AlSharif, Head of Category at Arla Foods

“As a leader in the spreadable cheese market, we believe that it is our role to inspire and encourage our consumers to reuse the jars after consumption,” says Yahia Adel Z AlSharif, Head of Category at Arla Foods. “As COP28 is aimed at making a dramatic course correction to climate issues, we are delighted to play our role alongside the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment in the UAE and our regional retail partners to help promote the sustainability conversation at home and create a positive influence within our communities.”

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As part of its mission to promote awareness to repurposing used jars, Puck is providing a bank of innovative and inspiring ideas through its website and social media channels spanning from decorative items and planters to candle holders and food containers, opening a world of limitless possibilities.

Bakhit Alketbi, Director of Government Communication at MOCCAE

“To reduce food waste in the UAE, we need to find practical solutions to reduce, reuse and recycle waste,” says Hajar Bakhit Alketbi, Director of Government Communication at MOCCAE. “At the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, we are committed to addressing unsustainable patterns of consumption and production and have put food and food waste high up on our agenda for COP28. It is vital we create a tangible change in consumer habits and generate more conversations about sustainability across the UAE. I welcome Puck’s new campaign to inspire people to reuse and upcycle their glass jars.”

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Starting this week, Puck is actively spearheading an extensive campaign across the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Oman within stores, employing vibrant activations, compelling in-store communication, and exclusive, captivating promotional packs to drive widespread awareness for the initiative.

For more information on Puck’s campaign and to view the library of upcycling ideas, visit https://www.puckarabia.com/en/reusable-jars/