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With Eid Al Fitr just around the corner, it is a great time to update the décor of your home and bring some freshness into the interior. It doesn’t matter if you are on a budget — all you have to do is to think creatively. Here are some simple and inexpensive changes that can instantly make your home feel more festive during Eid.

Treat your windows

An instant way to refresh the look of a space is to get a new set of drapes for windows. Ready-to-hang swags of fabrics in various colours, designs and textures are available at furniture and interior stores that can transform any home in a very cost effective way. You can swap heavy fabrics with sheer drapes for the festive season or add a pair of floor-to-ceiling drapes in a neutral tone to spruce up a room.

Heer Lalwani, Head of Marketing for Retail and E-commerce, Royal Furniture

Heer Lalwani, Head of Marketing for Retail and E-commerce, Royal Furniture

“Sheer curtains are currently the biggest trend in curtain décor as it allows sunlight to enter the room making it look more spacious during the day and also lends a serene yet vibrant feel to the space. Fabrics such as chiffon, voile, net and mesh add a subtle look of class and tradition,” says Heer Lalwani, Head of Marketing for Retail and E-commerce, Royal Furniture, adding, “You can play around with the colour scheme and design based on your existing décor. Another trend to go by is matching the curtains to the sofa and you can customise curtains in the same fabric as the sofas.”

Add a dose of colour

Painting the walls in mood-enhancing vibrant hues such as pink, purple, mustard yellow or green, or creating an accent wall with wallpapers in traditional floral, contemporary geometric and tropical patterns will instantly uplift any room. You can mix colours of the same palette for a dynamic look. However, whatever you do make sure that your wall colour complements the overall look of your house and truly reflects your personal style.

Accessorise your space

Change fabrics of cushions and pillows not only to add a pop of colour but also to create a festive ambience. “Vibrant cushions and throws with traditional patterns can instantly transform the look of your living space, giving it a celebratory vibe,” says Adriana Kostic, Head – Marketing, PAN Emirates.

Adriana Kostic, Head – Marketing, PAN Emirates

Adriana Kostic, Head – Marketing, PAN Emirates

Cushions and throws in neutral tones such as white, beige and earthy colours, are quite a rage. “Geometric and abstract prints are trending in throw pillows,” says Lalwani. “Bouclé is without doubt the most trending fabric at the moment, as it brings in a feeling of cosy calmness and lends an inviting appeal to the décor.”

Before hosting guests for Eid, add or rearrange art and family pictures to change the character of a room. “Get some artworks that reflects the festive spirit of Eid — this could be Islamic calligraphy or artworks with traditional motifs,” suggests Kostic.

Consider creating a bit of drama on the walls by using decorative mirrors in different shapes and styles. From illuminating a dark corner to creating an illusion of space, mirrors can help you change the look of a room with very little effort.

Fragrances and candles can be another easy tool in creating a welcoming ambiance. “Scented candles, home fragrances, and diffusers can create a tranquil and refreshing ambiance, making your home feel more inviting,” says Kostic.

Select a statement décor piece

It’s worth splurging on some versatile decorative pieces such as vases, coffee table, statues, crystal figurines and Feng Shui products to enhance the look of your place. While choosing a statement piece, ensure that it effortlessly fits into, complements and stands out within the framework of your existing décor scheme.

“Consider the size of the piece — a small piece in a big room is likely to get lost and similarly a big piece in a small room will look like a misfit. Moreover, avoid placing more than two statement pieces in one room as this could end up making the room look cluttered and the piece may not be noticed. There’s no need to place every statement piece in the middle of a room. The beauty of these pieces is often accentuated in its subtle placement,” suggests Lalwani. ■

Table matters

Your guide to creating the perfect table setting for a festive meal

When you host extended family over for Eid lunch, the most challenging part is to make space for everyone in a comfortable way. “Think of flexible solutions such as extendable tables, foldable chairs and movable serving trolleys that can easily be moved around to make more space,” says Maria Stepchenkova, Communication and Interior Design Activity Leader, Al-Futtaim IKEA, UAE, Qatar, Egypt and Oman. “Arranging buffet style on a sideboard could also help save space on the dining table where everyone is seated.”

Maria Stepchenkova, Communication and Interior Design Activity Leader, Al-Futtaim IKEA

Maria Stepchenkova, Communication and Interior Design Activity Leader, Al-Futtaim IKEA

Once the space is sorted, focus on creating a tablescape to highlight a certain mood and make your celebrations memorable.

“First decide on a colour scheme or theme that reflects the spirit of Eid, such as gold, silver, green, or a combination of these colours,” says Adriana Kostic, Head – Marketing, PAN Emirates.

A tablecloth or runner can provide a base for your tablescape and you can arrange placemats and napkins, either in a solid colour or a patterned design. “Mix and match plates, bowls, and glasses to add visual interest to your tablescape. Opt for gold-rimmed plates or glassware with intricate designs for a festive feel. A stunning centrepiece such as a floral arrangement or a decorative bowl with fruits or candles, can serve as the focal point of your tablescape,” says Kostic.