Diipti Nikhhiil, Founder, Octus Mindzz Training & co-founder, Powerhouse Studioz, and Suuraj Meena, Co-founder & choreographer, Powerhouse Studioz

When and why was Powerhouse Studioz founded?

Diipti Nikhhiil (DN): The idea behind Powerhouse Studioz came about in 2018, during the inception of Octus Mindzz Training (the parent company of Powerhouse, see box). The idea was to front an unique proposition, an amalgam of language, academic knowledge and the arts as an offering to students regardless of age. We focused on this initiative to conceptualise and create Powerhouse as we believe no training institutes provide all these elements as a package under one roof. We wanted Octus Mindzz Training to be the first in the GCC to come through this with this value proposition. The collaboration with noted and passionate Indian choreographer, Suuraj Meena helped us on the journey to turn this idea from vision to reality.

Suuraj Meena (SM): Powerhouse is a dream project, it reflects my passion, dedication and love for dance. And this collaboration with Diipti and the Octus Mindzz Training team was meant to happen as we both share this vision for Powerhouse Studioz to make it a novel platform for individuals to express themselves and realise their full potential through the medium of dance.

Suuraj Meena, seen at the Powerhouse dance studio in Dubai. Powerhouse is considered to be Dubai’s Most Instagrammable Studio Image Credit:

The natural form of expressions are movement and mobility that reflect our thoughts and emotions better than words. Powerhouse offers this tremendous feeling of freedom with a better way to connect with others.

Powerhouse is intended to maintain an inspiring, motivating and supportive environment where students at the studio experience the joy and transformation on the body and soul through dance. Additionally, Powerhouse’s experienced choreographers help students to learn to be quick thinkers in a dance class.

Packed full with enthusiasm, dancers rehearse the rhythmic actions and patterns in dance while learning how to get flexible and adaptable to change as they move to their own beat with the music. While Powerhouse prompts its students to be natural in their forms of expression, we believe our students should understand the science that guides every dance form as well.

Regardless of one’s passion for dance as a natural form of expression, at Powerhouse, we ensure our students get to know the ABCs of their dance form of choice. Therefore, our training programmes adhere to a schedule and always begin with the basics, affording students the time and space to get familiar with the foundation of the dance form they wish to follow. And at Powerhouse we ensure our students learn from the best in the business.

The classes at Powerhouse are conducted by professional dancers who are passionate about their art form and dedicated to help students succeed. We believe that anyone can dance, and we will work with our students to help them realise their dreams.

There are other dimensions to dance as well that Powerhouse helps students engage in. For instance, dancing is not just a great form of exercise, it is also a fun way to meet new people and express yourselves, and Powerhouse provides the perfect platform.

Hindi film and music command a lot of influence among the large Indian expat diaspora in the UAE and Middle East, and enjoys a growing fan base within Middle Eastern communities. How is Powerhouse catering to this immense demand through its offerings?

SM: Powerhouse not only collaborates with noted choreographers from India’s popular film industry, aka Bollywood, but also invites them for guest practice sessions with our students to ensure the exposure these professionals have received over a period of time can also be shared with the Powerhouse student community as part of their training and enhance their academic learnings.

The brand also specialises in choreographing performances and dance events at expat Indian weddings, and works closely with top event organisers in the GCC, allowing students to tap into and gain exposure on entertainment platforms in real world scenarios.

What are the other dance offerings that form Powerhouse’s service portfolio?

SM: Powerhouse offers a variety of dance styles for students to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for you. From Bollywood music and dance, jazz and contemporary, salsa, flamenco and tango, to hip hop and belly dance, we have something on offer to suit just about every taste among dance aficionados and lovers of dance. The point to note here is that the lessons imparted are as authentic as can be, with all dance forms being taught by native experts.

Apart from dance forms, Powerhouse also offers classes in drama and acting, as well as yoga, with the latter being conducted by certified experts in the field.

On the topic of yoga, the Indian discipline is largely being considered as the new global language for fitness and inner well-being. How do you perceive demand for this unique offering here in the UAE and how is Powerhouse meeting this need?

DN: Yoga gained immense popularity over the last century when followers introduced it in various forms to Western audiences and around the world. Yoga and its teachings have for centuries formed an essential part of exercise regimens in India that have been used to promote inner and external well-being. To instill and carry forward this sense of heritage and ancient culture through to our students, Powerhouse has ensured that its yoga faculty is well trained, experienced and associated with legacy institutes back home in India.

Dubai and the UAE have made excellent progress in providing platforms and infrastructure for people of determination to excel. How aligned is Powerhouse with the UAE in this regard?

DN: The UAE has given Octus Mindzz Training its identity and also recognised us as one among them, and as part of giving back to a community and a Nation that has given us so much, we kickstarted this campaign to initiate a discussion with the Dubai Autism Center for collaborations. Besides, our dance choreographer, Surraj has extensive experience mentoring and tutoring people of determination back home in India, and hopes to leverage this opportunity and share his learnings with the community here in the UAE.

What is the growth strategy for Powerhouse Studioz over the next five years, where do you see the brand over this time duration?

DN: As we move past the Covid era, the whole team at Powerhouse and Octus Mindzz is excited about the growth prospects following the amazing number of positive responses and shared goodwill that we have received from industry experts, and the enquiries on classes that have started flowing in from all over the UAE and the GCC.

Keeping this in mind, the management now has plans in place to roll out four additional branches in the UAE, including Al Nahda in Dubai, and select neighbourhoods in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah. We also plan to set up base in Muscat in Oman, and Doha in Qatar, as well select locations in Saudi Arabia soon.

For more information Contact: 050 3680138 | Email: info@powerhousestudioz.com| Website: www.powerhousestudioz.com