A Safari satiates both adventure lovers and casual tourists, and the dune bashing ride over the burnt orange sand is many times better than any roller coaster you would ever find Image Credit: Supplied

The winter has already come to Dubai. This is the best time to see around the city and have fun outdoors. But it's not going to last forever. If you want to make the most of it, get moving. Within a few months, we will be back in the summer.

Check out these fun things to make this winter a memorable one.

Go for a safari in the Desert

Undoubtedly, the best outdoor activity is the desert safari Dubai. They let you explore the desert landscape of Dubai and delve into its culture and Bedouin heritage. The safari also comes with a lot of adventurous activities and fun.

There is no excuse for a visitor to leave Dubai without experiencing the beauty of the desert. Though the Bedouins don't exist anymore, most of Dubai is still desert.

A Safari satiates both adventure lovers and casual tourists. The dune bashing ride over the burnt orange sand is many times better than any roller coaster you would ever find. You also get a chance to ride the camel and see the national bird of the UAE up close and take pictures with them.

Apart from the adventurous bit, the desert camp is an exquisite experience. The camp modeled like traditional Bedouin houses takes you back in time to the old days of Dubai before the tall cityscape. You can dress up in the Emirati clothes and get beautiful henna tattoos.

The juiciest part of the safari is the barbecue dinner and folk dance performances after the sunset. So, don't miss the chance to enjoy Dubai in the unmatched serenity of the desert.

Relish tasty dinner on a Dhow Cruise

Try something newer than a typical restaurant eat out in Dubai. If you want, you can add spice to the usual restaurant dinner in many different ways. There are places where you can dine several feet up in the sky. But a Dhow cruise is an affordable yet vastly enjoyable alternative.

If you want the dining experience in a dhow in the midst of the opulent cityscape of Dubai, then Marina is a perfect choice Image Credit: Supplied

When it comes to dhow cruises, there are two options for you to choose from. If you want the dining experience in the midst of the opulent cityscape of Dubai, then Marina is a perfect choice.

On the other hand, Dhow cruise Creek gives you a sneak peek into the heritage and history of Dubai. On the cruise, you will see the earliest skyscrapers of Dubai on the Deira side. The NBD building, Deira Creek tower, Rolex twin towers, and their likes. The opposite side of the creek is full of historical buildings, museums, and heritage sites.

You can choose one among the two, or go for both. Both these dinner cruises take you on board for a journey for two hours. And because it is dinner, the most important attraction is always the food. The dinner will be served as the boat starts moving. Help yourself to the sumptuous intercontinental Arabic cuisine as you move amidst the attractions of Dubai. When you finish your food and are having desserts, the Tanoura dancer will start his performance with all the embellishments and props.

Charter a yacht and sail

The sea has always been an integral part of life in Dubai. Before this day and age, it has been the lifeline of the Arabs. They fished and dived for pearls in the Arabian waters. A lot has changed since then, but the sea still has an important part to play.

People who love to sail travel long distances to come to Dubai and enjoy yachting in these seas. When it comes to hiring a yacht here, you will be spoiled for choice. There are so many kinds of yachts you can pick from. It is certain that you will get the one that suits you if you are ready to look.

Luxury yacht charter services are for those who want to feel like royalty at sea Image Credit: Supplied

Luxury yacht charter services are for those who want to feel like royalty at sea. They will have excellent facilities with a well-trained crew and captain to provide the guests comfort and privacy. Chartering a yacht is simple as well. Select the number of hours and activities you want in the package. Choose anything from luxury transportation to red carpet welcome, and delicious onboard dinner. Finding a yacht rental Dubai service for your trip is really simple, as well.

If you are a sporty person, the yachts can take you to the water sports capital in Dubai — the Jumeirah beach. Yachts are also the best party venues in Dubai. The experience of sailing, combined with the views and the luxury, provides your guests with a unique and memorable party.

There is a whole other world of yachting as well — the fishing boats. Dubai is a great place for leisure fishing. Small to large fishing boats and catamarans are ideal for fishing trips. One advantage of renting a fishing boat is that it comes with complimentary fishing gear, including a fish-finding SONAR.

Witness the world at the Global Village

The Global Village brings together the charms from around the world to a single spot. You will find pavilions of 20 different countries named after each of them. There is everything from handicrafts to branded products that are native to these cultures.

Each pavilion gives visitors a glimpse into that country's culture and heritage. If you want rare products from across the world, Global Village is the place to go. You can even see large replicas of the Eiffel Tower and the Burj Khalifa.

The Global Village is not just about shopping, though. You can enjoy it even if you don't want to shop. It has a large section dedicated to leisure and entertainment.

The global village is an exclusive winter attraction. During the summers, it closes down for maintenance and to prepare for the upcoming season. Right now, it is already open to visitors. But if you want an exhaustive list of all the fun activities, check out things to do in Dubai.

Dubai Miracle Garden - Love is in the air!

Isn't it incredible that one of the largest gardens in the world is in the middle of a desert? Dubai has made even that possible among its endless list of achievements. Dubai Miracle Garden is home to more than 50 million flowers. Over 120 varieties of them.

The garden is filled with amazing floral structures. The Guinness record for the largest floral arrangement in the world is held by the model of Emirates Airbus in the Miracle Garden.

This garden is a favorite place for couples. The hearts passage in the garden can easily qualify as the spot where most lovers have snapped pictures. Nonetheless, it is also a great place to visit with the family.

Right next to the Miracle Garden, there is the Butterfly Garden, which the kids will enjoy for sure. But the Butterfly Garden requires a separate pass.

Visit the beautiful beaches

There is no shortage of beaches in Dubai. Some of the beaches are private beaches accessible only with a pass or entree fee. But there are numerous beautiful public beaches accessible to anyone around the clock.

During winters, tourists and residents flock to the beaches. Beaches here have ample facilities such that you can even spend a whole day at the beach without getting bored.

You can have the pleasure of water sports and sunbathe at Jumeirah beach. If the crowded Jumeirah Beach is not for you, then go to La Mer or The beach at JBR and take pictures with murals and artworks. If you prefer a quiet corner overlooking the sea in the afternoon, go to Al Sufouh beach.

Learn horse riding

Arabian horses are the most coveted among all of the horses in the world for their strength and beauty. Dubai has a lot of opportunities for horse riding enthusiasts and horse lovers. Even if you are not trained to ride a horse, you can take classes at any of the equestrian clubs. Winter is the best time to try this sport.

Horse riding has many health benefits. They are a good form of exercise for the mind and body. The jockey has to build an emotional connection with the horse to ride it. The horse trusts its master. And the master, the horse. This attachment cannot be explained with words but should be felt to understand.

The horse racing championship called Dubai World Cup is held in winter months. It is the most prestigious horse racing in the whole world. Winners of this event bag millions of dollars in prize money.

Quad biking in the desert

Desert sand is difficult to tread on. Your feet sink into the sand with every step. You cannot even drive a regular car on the sand. Even some four-wheel drives cannot ride the desert with full tires. That's why desert safari SUVs have to flatten the tires before entering the desert.

But Quad bikes are quite a thing in the desert. They cut through the sand as easy as pie. Riding Quad bikes, also called ATVs, in the desert has become one of the favorite desert sports for the tourists.

You can rent a quad bike on an hourly basis or just go for a desert safari with a quad biking option. Make sure to wear a helmet while you ride. Also, you will need some time to master the riding techniques. So, take it slow.