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Lattafa Perfumes presents a dynamic expansion plan that prioritises e-commerce, while recognising the benefits of social media to approach a larger consumer base, says Emaan Shoaib Ahmed, Head of Modern Trade, E-Commerce & Marketing

How is Lattafa Perfumes attracting a younger generation of customers?

Easy access to social media allows the younger generation to be aware of global trends. For Lattafa, the millennials represent the current and future base of customers, and the brand has taken initiatives to increase its presence across digital media platforms. Working with social media experts, Lattafa is actively involved in communicating its latest developments in terms of perfume launches and offers to the younger generation of customers. Additionally, with increasing emphasis on sustainable growth, Lattafa has also initiated a go green campaign through eco-friendly packaging and the use of jute bags for its products.

How is Lattafa Perfumes carrying forward its past successes to envisage a bright future for the brand?

Lattafa is proud of having catered to the needs of an expansive customer base from more than 60 nations, who have stayed loyal to the brand for over three decades. Lattafa’s ability to continuously deliver to its customers by staying ahead of changing trends and offering them unique and innovative fragrance products, has enabled it to be its customers’ favourite perfume brand.

In this regard, any success is incomplete without a strong leader and Lattafa has had Shoaib Iqbal Ahmed at the helm, leading the brand’s marketing and sales efforts for more than 20 years. Now, with big plans for the next 5 years, Lattafa aims to expand its presence across the region and the wider international market.

As a third-generation member of the founding family of Lattafa Perfumes, I have recently taken on the responsibilities of managing the brand’s online presence as its E-commerce Marketing and Modern Trade Head, and am working closely with our team of industry experts who bring more than 35 years of modern trade experience to the table.

What is your e-commerce strategy?

E-commerce is the captain of global retail growth, and is a $2.2 trillion market that is expanding at an annual growth of 24 per cent, which is four times faster than retail sales. This growth has also been expedited due to the pandemic. Covid-19 changed the shopping habits of consumers in the region, with increased activity on e-commerce channels, which has been a big challenge for the perfume industry.

However, Lattafa views this new trend as an opportunity to cater to its customers through new channels of social media, e-commerce and the global digital marketplace. We recently launched a new project as well that focuses on expanding Lattafa’s presence on the e-commerce platform. Today, Lattafa is present across leading e-commerce portals such as Amazon and noon. This is complemented with another initiative to connect the firm’s B2B customers with Lattafa’s e-commerce platform