Kim Kadarshian (right) and Kris Jenner attend a press conference in Dubai. Image Credit: Zarina Fernandes/Gulf News

She is a ‘momager' of six celebrities - Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Robert Jr, Kendall and Kylie; sits pretty at the helm of a multimillion-dollar business empire that involves endorsements, paid appearances and launches of signature fragrances; and grabs attention whether she is on a TV show or featured in a glossy. And over and above all of these demands, Kris Jenner successfully conveys the impression of a woman who has it all under control. Friday caught up with her while she was in Dubai with her stunning daughter, Kim, to find out how she manages to wear so many hats, figuratively speaking, of course, with such elan and to coax her into sharing her style secrets.

Clothes: It's important for me to be comfortable in what I wear. I love wearing a lot of classics such as white crisp shirts, black dresses, leggings and riding boots! When I wear black I try to break it up with another piece or some stunning accessories. 

Accessorising: I invest in beautiful scarves, and statement handbags. Coco Chanel is my favourite style icon. With jewellery, bags and belts that made a strong style statement, she showed women how to be confident in their appearance and take pride in their look. 

Style philosophy: You have to be passionate about your own style. When a woman buys anything for her wardrobe it's very important she be passionate about all the pieces she owns, whether clothes or accessories. When I go shopping, I only pick things I just love. After all, you want to feel your absolute best when you dress up. It's hard to go wrong with your style when you wear things you simply adore.

Invest in wardrobe basics such as a smart white shirt, a jacket that fits you well, a classy bag, and shoes that are comfortable and chic. With these in your wardrobe, you have a good base to build on. I believe a woman should take pride in herself and make sure she always looks good from head to toe. My mom used to tell me that you should always feel beautiful by starting with gorgeous, matching innerwear! 

Her own designs: I've designed for the QVC brand and they're all comfortable but really beautiful classic pieces such as the simple, sequinned long-sleeve sweater and a funky tunic dress with cutout sleeves. Stylish, carefully selected pieces will last a lifetime. 

Jewellery: I absolutely love big earrings, from big hoops to statement danglers. And yes bracelets too! Always pick accessories you absolutely love and they will work their magic. 

Hair: I love my short hair and like it to be really fresh and clean. 

Make-up: I'm a fan of the smoky eye. It's become my signature style. It's less intense during the day but at night I go all out and play up the smoky look. I'm not a fan of colour for my eyes; I love blacks, greys and nudes and then I play this up with a black eyeliner. For me, it's important that the eyes and the lips never clash so I always team smoky eyes with nude lips. I also focus on accentuating my eyebrows as they frame your eyes and your face. 

Make-up tip: It's really important for all women to own the right beauty tools -a great set of brushes can make all the difference. You have to start with a foundation and then build on it.