Emami Kesh King
Image Credit: Supplied

Today’s sedentary lifestyle has resulted in various health concerns. One of the most common concerns is associated with hair.

There is no secret that hair remains in a healthy and natural condition at its root. But hair that exists on the outer surface of the scalp gets affected easily. The reasons are dust, dirt, pollution, heat, weather, and much more. While being limited on time, it’s challenging to have a proper hair care routine every day. However, nourishing hair from within once or twice a week can go a long way in maintaining the shine of hair.

This is where Kesh King comes into the picture.

It has a clinically proven formula that is processed from 21 herbal ingredients. Kesh King is globally trusted by millions of women for its wide range of benefits. The extract of natural herbs goes deeper inside the root and revitalises hair follicles to remain undamaged from all the external factors.

The most striking feature of Kesh King is its deep root comb that helps in easy application of the oil without any leakage, starting from the roots to the mid-lengths and then to the ends.

Over the years, Kesh King has successfully established a strong legacy in the Middle East region especially Saudi Arabia and Iraq. People have started believing that where the cosmetic products have amplified their hair problems, Kesh King is a solution that has rejuvenated their hair in a unique way.

It’s believed that every person has different hair, and it needs to be treated and taken care of in different ways. But Kesh King is the only solution that offers nourishment to all kinds of hair — straight, curly, braided or buns; it takes care of every hair like a real expert.

Made from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Kesh King is a holistic solution for all hair problems. What more? It comes with the assurance of no side effects. This means it is completely safe and easy to use.