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Workspace Design Studio from WORKSPACE.AE offers an excellent option to businesses looking to create stylish workspaces that are also timeless

A recent thought leadership published by Forbes on the topic of workspace design and its effect on employee workflow provides an insight into how critical well thought out workspaces could be to productivity and morale among staff. Quality workspace design leads to a less stressful and more productive atmosphere, it reports, proving why it is essential for employers to take the physical work environment of their employees into consideration at all times.

It is true that every business hopes to get the best possible results from its team, and increasingly, organisations are realising the impact an office environment has on their employees. However, many corporates are often not sure about how to make workspace designs work for their business.

The aesthetics aside, office remodeling or designing is costly and often daunting, requiring massive amounts of effort and resources, and not selecting the right material and furniture could inevitably lead to a failed project. Besides, choosing the right office furniture, interior design and colour scheme could be the difference between a happy, engaged workforce that constantly hits targets and a team that can’t stay motivated.

How your office looks and feels is just as important as what your business does.

Unfortunately, until now, businesses, interior designers, and other interested individuals did not have access to that much needed free visualisation tool that could project the end result of an office transformation project based on the selection of furniture and materials. All this changes with what WORKSPACE now offers the industry.

The Dubai-based luxury brand that offers contemporary office furniture and interior designing solutions to high-end clients has just raised the industry benchmark several notches with the release of Workspace Design Studio (WDS) this year. An all-new interior design software tool, WDS offers unlimited variations and a range of high-tech features to assist users in purchasing crucial elements for their remodeling projects. WDS aids users in workspace design and furniture selection, while presenting an opportunity to create the ideal workspace virtually before investing in office gear and decor.

Perfect colour codes every time

Elaborating on the near infinite options that Workspace has on offer for users, Heidar Jouyaeian, Managing Founder, Workspace, says, “Workspace provides a range of products as well as the customisation of furniture in different colours, sizes and options. One of the challenges for companies or individuals when choosing office furniture is selecting the design and colour combination to match their business concept, as well as activity, interior, flooring, etc.

“With WDS, it’s much easier to find the perfect colour combination between the furniture and the office interior with just few clicks.”

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WDS allows users to seamlessly mix and match colour and texture combinations for the floor and tabletops, and furniture for the workspace. The plethora of options offered ensures that the office interior and furniture design visualisation tool caters to all users.

The office design tool also features a range of well-designed virtual replicas of workspaces to offer a more realistic and attractive canvas for users to apply their selections and visualise the potential result. Rich graphics and user-friendly, intuitive features enable WDS users to change colours, patterns and the feel of a prop in just a few clicks.

“Clients can choose almost every element in the office interior and the office furniture, such as worktops, frame colours for desks, storage cabinet materials, floorings, wall and chair colours, with an exhaustive range of options from which to choose from,” says Jouyaeian. “For example, a customer can choose between hundreds of options for office floorings such as a carpet or parquet and apply each option immediately on scene to judge if the result matches the desk worktop or wall colour.”

What this backend work essentially accomplishes is lending a sense of style and timelessness to the overall look and feel of the office space.

Timeless design

“Workspace is consistent in its efforts to developing and designing a range of creative products as well as cutting edge tools such as WDS to retain that competitive edge,” says Jouyaeian. “We work hard to study the latest trends in furniture lines while observing curated modern workplace requirements to ensure our layouts and look and feel remain timeless.”

The first brand to introduce software with this capability across the Gulf region, users can access the WDS software through the new website,, and app.

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Currently, there are six digital rooms that can be used for the visualisations; however, plans are in place for Workspace to have up to 10 visualisation rooms by the end of 2021. Once users have created and designed a room that they are happy with, they can simply download a render of their final selection of furniture and colour scheme. Downloads can be either a high-resolution image or a PDF. The renders will contain all the details of the products and colours chosen, which makes purchasing the right products much more straightforward.

The flexibility that WDS offers also means it leaves users fully prepared to meet the unique needs of businesses in a post-pandemic world.

Office spaces for a post-pandemic world

“Covid had a major effect on how people work and how workplaces planned or designed,” says Jouyaeian. “With many companies and individuals moving their work from office to home, the importance of virtual services and online shopping has increased. We have a huge increase in volume of orders during this period. WDS as a platform allows clients to design and plan their workplaces from everywhere and decide about the office elements without the need of physical presence or a personal meeting.

“Actually, WDS works in line with our e-commerce platform because after deciding on the office design, clients can order the same furniture online on or create an e-quotation.”

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