You could say the phrase "shop until you drop" has taken on a whole new meaning with a new service at Mall of the Emirates (MOE). 

When the mall launched its "hands-free shopping" service recently, I was excited to try it out and see whether it will help me really "go with the Flo".

I'm sure this has happened to you. I know I have experienced it, particularly during sale season: One minute I'm just casually browsing through the stores, and the next thing I know, I'm weightlifting so many shopping bags even Manny Pacquiao is going to be impressed.

MOE's "hands-free shopping" service promises to help solve this issue. The mall has three designated "hands-free shopping" points where I can leave my shopping bags and continue trawling the mall hands-free.

Of course, it would be infinitely cooler if I could just call the concierge and have them pick up the shopping bags wherever I am in the mall instead of having to walk to the drop-off points, but I'm sure someone is working on making that improv happen soon.

There's a first-time registration, which takes about five minutes and then an SMS is sent to your mobile phone to schedule a delivery. I have the option to have the bags delivered within the mall for free, or at home (anytime between 8pm to 11pm for same-day delivery) for Dh15. I opted for home delivery. My shopping bag arrived at my doorstep at exactly 10:57pm.