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Every once in a while a planetary alliance is just plain lucky, and it’s amazing, and the link between your ruler Mercury and the expansive, fortunate Jupiter is exactly that, on your birthday. This means that while past efforts will come good, new ideas and unexpected offers will appear, often from nowhere. The challenge? It’s sticking with these, ideas until they turn into reality. As you know, you can sometimes be distracted. This is about being both inquisitive, and persistent.

Aries March 20 – April 19

There are masses of ideas swirling around, but getting others involved or nailing them down to a single plan is quite a challenge. Annoying as the resulting delays may be, each day’s obstacles will bring valuable insights. Most of these will help shape the plans that, ultimately, you’ll make, but probably not until next week.

Taurus April 20 – May 20

Disruptive as recent last minute changes in plans were, they were a blessing in disguise. They’ve both given you time and good reason to review your previous arrangements. Sensible as those plans were at the time, you’re realising just how much things have changed and why a major rethink is vital.

Gemini May 21 – June 20

Just when you thought complex plans were finally organised, unexpected but thrilling new ideas are appearing. This is where you, as an optimistic Gemini, sometimes get into trouble. You take on more than is realistic. The trick? Explore what’s arisen but, also, link up with those who’ll give you a hand.

Cancer June 21 – July 21

Only days ago you were annoyed with, if not distrustful of, one particular individual. Their words seemed sincere but they weren’t backed up by their actions. Don’t judge them. They’re contending with issues of which you’re unaware. Wait, watch and learn. It will take a few days, but eventually it will all make sense.

Leo July 22 – August 22

It’s not that you were hiding anything, as certain individuals insist is the case. It’s just that you assumed others had little interest in the decisions you were making. Now you realise the focus of the individuals in question hasn’t just shifted, but has changed dramatically. Discuss these changes now, and in detail.

Virgo August 23 – September 22

Only days ago, you had a serious discussion about one particularly tricky situation. Yet, judging by the behaviour of the individual involved, that conversation may as well never have taken place. The odds are good they didn’t fully understand that you weren’t making a request but, rather, expected their cooperation

Libra September 23 – October 22

No matter how hard you try, there doesn’t seem to be a way around certain increasingly tricky issues. While, obviously, you’d prefer to avoid a confrontation, it seems inevitable. It’s for the best. Only once everybody’s put their cards on the table will it be clear what actually needs to be done.

Scorpio October 23 – November 21

Ordinarily, when you’re thinking about making changes or considering a new plan, you’ll review it on your own first, then discuss it all with others. However, what’s currently on your mind is so unfamiliar that you’re better off gathering information and benefitting from others’ insights, and then after that, thinking things through.

Sagittarius November 22 – December 20

The series of positive planetary alliances involving your ruler Jupiter that began in late May triggered a cycle of growth then, one from which you’re still benefitting now. If there’s anything tricky, it’s that you won’t always recognise their promise when they arise, which means it’s vital you explore every idea or offer.

Capricorn December 21 – January 19

Being a Capricorn, an earth sign and ruled by the most practical planet of them all, Saturn, you’re usually the one who’s giving others advice. But now you’re facing an issue you simply don’t understand. While, typically, you’d explore solutions yourself, you’re urged to seek advice from experts. You’ll be glad you did.

Aquarius January 20 – February 17

Recent annoying, if not unsettling, situations may have been sudden but you were aware things were brewing. And may have to admit to yourself that you put off dealing with them, and now you’re paying a price. Bear this in mind when yet more similar situations arise. This time you’ll respond to them swiftly.

Pisces February 18 – March 19

Truth may be a virtue. However, recently you were shocked by, and worried about, the frankness of one particular individual’s words. Now that you know more about the situation in question, you not only understand what was behind their seemingly aggressive manner, you admire them for speaking up when others didn’t have the courage.