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Tea is an integral part of Chinese culture and has been highly regarded over the centuries for a multitude of health benefits ranging from helping with weight loss to strengthening immune systems.   

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There are many types of traditional and herbal Chinese teas, each with their own unique flavour, experience and positive impact on health. If you have not already experienced Chinese tea, why not try it and see if it will give you one or more of the many benefits listed below?

Calming herbal tea for stress and sleep

In our increasingly fast-paced daily lives, it’s now more imperative than ever to manage stress and limit its effects on mood and long-term wellbeing.

Which types of tea calms you down?

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With their natural calming ingredients, Lavender, Rosemary and Jasmine Tea are all recommended to help unwind and control stress levels.

The ritual of sitting down, preparing a cup of tea and slowly sipping is in itself a relaxing experience. Try making it the traditional way, with Chinese meditation music in the background for a truly calming experience.   

Which types of tea improves your health?

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A cup of hot Chrysanthemum Flower or Passion Fruit Tea can help lower blood pressure, remove toxins and enhance eyesight.

The Osmanthus Flower, meanwhile, can have a significant impact on enhancing overall lung health, dispelling cold and dampness in the body and easing stomach pain. 

Treat restless minds with a cup of Leaf Hans Tea to enhance moods, soothe headaches, burn fat and improve skin health too.  

Try Pu’er Tea, which is highly regarded in traditional Chinese medicine for its wide range of health benefits.

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What sets it apart from the remaining types of traditional Chinese tea types (Green, White, Black, Oolong and Yellow) is the natural fermentation process, which stimulates the production of micro-organisms that have tremendous health benefits.  

Drinking Pu’er Tea can even enhance that 2018 New Year resolution to adopt a healthy lifestyle and slim down, as it is scientifically proven to suppress some of the body’s processes, in turn helping to block the body from producing more fat.  

Rich in vitamin C, Pu’er Tea also helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels, improves blood circulation and facilitates the digestion process. In short, the perfect remedy for a balanced lifestyle.

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