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Do you love winters in Dubai? So do we! There’s nothing better than spending time outside and enjoying the cool weather while indulging on your favorite snacks and dishes. Visiting the beaches in Dubai during this time is especially magical - feeling the pleasant winter breeze and sand between your toes while you enjoy the wide range of activities the most popular beaches have to offer is truly the best (and our favorite) way to unwind and relax.

Whether you’re kite surfing at Kite Beach, watching the sun set across the Arabian Gulf from the Sunset beach, or spending quality time with your family at The Beach or La Mer - there’s ample options of amazing entertainment to be found along the UAE’s picturesque coastline (we clearly have a soft spot for the beaches in Jumeirah!). These areas boast a wide variety of restaurants, lounges and hotels that offer optimum enjoyment and entertainment - each home to its own diverse range of culinary delights for you to indulge yourself on at any time of the day, offering you lots of ways to refuel and re-energize during your day of excitement.

That’s not all - now, beach goers can have their favourite foods delivered directly to them! As the country’s leading food delivery platform, talabat is always looking for ways to cater to their customers’ needs in the most efficient way possible. That includes delivering straight to Dubai’s beaches and parks from many of the Emirate’s most popular restaurants. Additionally, customers that crave fresh fruits or snacks such as chips and candy can now order whatever they desire through talabat Mart - the 24/7, 30-minute grocery delivery concept.

So if you’re looking forward to taking early morning jogs, playing in the water, and building big sand castles, the food you eat throughout the day is extremely important to your overall relaxing experience. In fact, a simple bowl of fruit salad can make all the difference when eaten at the beach as it tastes good under the sun, and helps us stay hydrated. Grills are also very popular and if you have kids, a day by the sea is never complete without hamburgers and hot dogs!

Jérémy Doutté, VP of talabat UAE says, “At talabat, we care the most about what our customers want and try to offer a very wide range of food options to cater to the different lifestyles our customers lead and the pastimes they enjoy. We also want our customers to stay healthy and happy by embracing a balanced diet, whether they are drinking fruit smoothies at the beach, ordering fresh watermelon slices from talabat mart, digging into a well-earned burger or indulging their sweet tooth with a gelato!”

Jérémy Doutté is the VP of talabat UAE Image Credit: Supplied

If you’re craving a juicy burger, you can order a delicious Buffalo Chicken Burger from Burgers and Fries - and cooling off on a hot day has never been easier with Conestreet’s artisanal gelato and fresh juices that are sure to refresh and keep you going throughout the day! Additionally, for customers who love to indulge in healthy bowls of yoghurt and acai, look no further than The Yoghurt Lab and the Acai Spot, two incredible restaurants that boast a wide variety of healthy options that are sure to give you the energy boost you need to keep having fun.

Here are some more awesome eateries and treats we recommend you try!

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