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Chakra meditation can be started as a step-by-step process. As one focuses and works with denser forms of energy based at the root and the sacral chakra, one is able to embrace the higher, subtler energies easily.

The lower chakras are associated with denser emotions — that of survival, safety and security. We are attached to our emotions, and with attachments come the vices of fear, guilt, shame, competition, ego, etc. While these attachments and emotions have their own role to play in unleashing our virtues (read the previous article), more often than not, we get caught up in them. In getting entangled, one is unable to detach and sustain the energies of higher chakra centres.

Those who choose to move out of the whirlpool of the heavy energies, having known, understood and lived their importance, will seek transformation. (It is imperative to have understood the importance of denser feelings to traverse). This transformation takes place in the solar plexus chakra.

The manipur or the solar plexus chakra is where one works with the energies associated with self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. While meditating on this energy centre, one is able to deal with non-serving feelings of anxiety, aggressiveness, anger, etc and replace them with self-control, understanding and the right action. Faith will follow that there is already abundance of what is needed and hence, transformation will ensue.

Experience of higher energies

As the transformation takes place, the subtle energy of the heart chakra will start opening up to unconditional love, to giving and receiving, to accepting and surrendering, to experiencing virtues of tolerance and peace and to gratitude. As the consciousness starts opening up, the body as a vessel will start becoming pure, to hold the virtues as vices leave.

You will start seeking the truth and communicating the truth in your true empowered state. Your connection to the divine will go deep and strong. Your needs and wants (of materialistic nature) are long gone. And you start opening up to the vibration of your fifth chakra, the throat or vishuddhi centre. You will be in the vibratory state of ‘no entanglements, just plain truth, spoken from the state of divine connection.’

As you move up reaching you ajna (or brow) chakra energy, you have distilled your virtues to an extent that divine connection is already felt. You are ready to merge with the divine light in all its purity.

As you open up and /or balance your chakras one by one, it means, you are rising up from the limitations of the lower chakras and your body-vessel is becoming ready to hold more light, more purity.

Getting started

Meditation on root chakra opens up the energies of steadiness of the mind and connectedness to the mother earth; you will start feeling awareness toward the gifts of the nature, even as respect and love for nature’s creation develops. Sacral chakra meditation promotes creative impulses and allows a smooth flow in life. Moving up, the solar plexus meditation gears one to the abilities of adapting and transforming, whereas heart chakra opens up the state of compassion and the ability to give and receive love. The virtue of forgiveness stems from the heart chakra.

What you say, you start becoming mindful of your speech and as the quality of communication improves, you know that the throat chakra Centre is getting activated and balanced. (For example, when you say, “I am speaking from my heart”). The alignment of these chakras helps one to open up the intuitive abilities at the brow Centre chakra and as you start trusting your intuitive guidance, the dependency on external factors lessens.

While it is advisable to work from lower chakras and step up to the higher ones, you may also contemplate which chakra you feel like mediating on, first. For example, if the feeling of envy rises up often sapping your life force, then you may start with heart chakra meditation.

Even to start feeling what to work on, it is advised to sit in the quietness of honest contemplation to begin with.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is a chakra balancing meditation coach, Theta Healer and a sound therapist. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. She can be reached at: milarao2018@gmail.com