Indian holistic expert Amar Singh Chandel
Indian holistic expert Amar Singh Chandel Image Credit: Supplied

Indian holistic expert Amar Singh Chandel has been spreading the message of healing through his various books and courses over many years. Now, he’s set to impart his knowledge to people in the UAE.

Chandel will be part of a free webinar on September 3 and will also be part of an in-person even on September 17 and 18. Ahead of this, the expert told Gulf News more about his journey in wellness...

Why did you decide to go from a journalist to a wellness expert?

In fact, wellness coaching predates journalism. Journalism is my profession; wellness is my obsession which I have inherited from my family. In fact, what I teach has been tried, tested and honed in my family for four generations now. So, journalism and wellness dispensation have been complementing one another. On the one hand, the crusading zeal helped me maintain myself despite the stress, bad food, odd working hours and killing deadlines of daily journalism, and on the other, I could bring out the health supplement of The Tribune, a premium newspaper of India, when I was its Associate Editor, with first-hand experience that helped millions of readers.

What can people expect from the webinar?

Nobody wants to fall ill. But since we do not know which lifestyle mistake can cause what harm, we tend to break rules that govern our health. Once the secrets of good health are shared with participants, it is very easy for them to not only maintain their health but also to improve it. That is what the webinar aims to do. In short, it is the blueprint of health, happiness and peace.

What do you think are the biggest wellness issues people are facing these days?

We have a virtual epidemic of diseases which were rare and even unheard of 100 years ago. Among them are blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, thyroid, obesity and cancer. On the emotional front, there are stress, depression and lack of initiative. These are lifestyle diseases which respond admirably to healthy living tips shared during the holistic course.

Lots of people face chronic stress in their lives. What are some easy things a person can do to alleviate stress?

Stress is the scourge of this century. We have grown up using the saying ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’ but have never utilised this secret to get rid of stress. The beauty of the Holistic Healing programme is that if you set about to improve your physical being, your emotional health improves automatically. And if your target area is stress reduction, the bodily ailments get cured without even trying. So one kills four birds with one stone: stress reduction, pain control, freedom from diseases and optimisation of one’s weight.

How do you feel about coming to Dubai to spread your message?

I have been holding courses in the US, Canada and Europe for many decades. This is my first course in Dubai and I am very excited to be coming here. What is particularly gratifying is the fact that the event is being organised by Mr K P R Nair, who published my book ‘Perfect Health In Twenty Weeks’, which turned out to be a runaway best-seller. (Incidentally, he has himself done the Holistic course and benefited from it). That’s why he is taking pains to introduce it to Dubai.

If I am able to convince my brothers and sisters in Dubai that the key to their health is in their own hands, my trip will be worthwhile. The awareness about my course spreads mainly through word of mouth. My endeavour is to heal as many people as possible, so that a chain reaction starts which ensures wellness for all. Our diseases today are big, but their root causes are so very small that we completely overlook them. Once we stop pouring oil over fire which we have been doing innocently, veritable miracles take place!

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Holistic expert Amar Singh Chandel’s free webinar takes place on September 3 at 9.30am. Sign up on

A two-day retreat, organised by KAMS (Kyra Author Management Services), takes place on September 17 and 18 at The Retreat Hotel, Palm Jumeirah. This is a hybrid event with two options for participation: Onsite for $600 or online for $499.