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Abdellah Zejli, a resident of Dubai, is the founder of Muslim Blocks, an innovative venture that has given rise to the world's inaugural educational Islamic building blocks. A pioneer in redefining the realm of toys, Zejli's inventive amalgamation of education, Islamic heritage, and entertainment has managed to captivate individuals of all ages. Since its launch on July 1, the groundbreaking and patent-pending Muslim Blocks has swiftly garnered worldwide recognition.

Motivated by a deep-seated aspiration to enhance the lives of children and families, Zejli conceived the idea of Muslim Blocks. Recognizing a void in the market for high-quality educational Islamic toys, Zejli embarked on a journey to create a revolutionary toy. This innovation not only aims to establish a connection with Islamic heritage but also strives to strengthen familial bonds through interactive play.

"At Muslim Blocks, we firmly believe in the educational power of play," Zejli elaborates. "Our meticulously crafted building block sets offer children and families the opportunity to explore Islamic culture, history, and architecture while having an enjoyable experience. Our goal is to bridge the gap between learning and fun, so that every moment spent with our products becomes a cherished memory."

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Currently, the company offers two available architectural options: the Kaaba, a profoundly sacred site in Islam situated in Makkah; and Masjid Al Nabawi, the world's second-largest mosque located in Madinah.

The Kaaba set comprises an impressive 367 intricately designed pieces that faithfully recreate the revered structure in Mecca, enabling young minds to delve into the historical and spiritual significance of this central Islamic landmark. On the other hand, the Masjid Al Nabawi set, consisting of over 300 pieces, artfully captures the magnificence of the Prophet's mosque in Medina, complete with iconic features like the green and silver domes and the sacred Rawdah.

The response to Muslim Blocks has been overwhelmingly positive since its launch, with Zejli proudly sharing that they have received over 1,000 orders. The brand has resonated deeply with Muslim communities in the UAE and has garnered attention and support from international customers, spanning countries like the UK, Canada, and Australia. Interestingly, even individuals outside the Muslim faith have expressed enthusiasm for the enriching and educational attributes of Muslim Blocks.

Heartfelt testimonials from satisfied customers underscore the profound influence of Muslim Blocks on children's learning journeys. Drawing inspiration from his role as a father, Zejli emphasizes, "Every toy we provide to our children shapes their outlook and molds their future. Muslim Blocks serves as a gateway to introduce children to their religion in a joyful and captivating manner."

In a laudable display of social responsibility, Muslim Blocks is giving back to the community by donating $5 from each sale to non-profit organizations. In their unwavering pursuit of innovation, the brand has recently announced an upcoming addition: the Al Aqsa Dome of the Rock building block set, providing yet another avenue for children and families to engage with Islamic landmarks.

Muslim Blocks is enthusiastic about asserting its independence and distinctive position in the industry, proudly setting itself apart from affiliations with major interlocking building block brands like LEGO and Mattel Group. This steadfast commitment to authenticity and originality underscores the brand's dedication to delivering a one-of-a-kind experience.

For further details about the world's first educational Islamic building blocks, to explore their captivating block sets, or to make a purchase, please visit the official website and the Instagram page.