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In conversation with the highly acclaimed Dr Firas Osman, Specialist — Dental Implantologist, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Medstar Aesthetics and Multi-Speciality Center

Tell us about your latest offering on one-day dental implant procedure? And how is it different from the traditional implant’s procedures?

One-day implant procedures at Medstar Aesthetics and Multi-Speciality Center are performed using artificial intelligence (AI) powered cutting edge technology, which is a combination of the latest imaging technique, simulated pre-surgery modelling, and computer-guided surgery to achieve pain-free same-day results with incredible precision.

Medstar Day Surgery Center is an exclusive R2GATE powered center in the GCC. Megagen’s integrated R2GATE software features a unique module of combining digital impression (achieved via digital oral scanners) with CBCT (Flat panel CT, a medical imaging technique consisting of X-ray computed tomography), for unparalleled accuracy, enhancing the diagnostic decisions made by the Doctor.

With R2GATE, our team of dentists are able to simulate the surgery using AI-powered computers. The interactive implant planning software provides multiple views, enabling the clinician to evaluate potential implant receptor sites with great precision. It also allows them to perform real-time analysis of the bone condition to position, size the implant, determine the drill sequence, and predict the initial stability for immediate loading.

A virtual surgery simulation is conducted prior to the implant procedure, both to educate the patient of the procedure from start to finish and to ensure that there are no unwanted surprises during the restorative stage of the process. This will eliminate any further steps required to salvage a situation with extensions, custom abutments and other compromises when it’s time to place the implant or crown and provide for very optimal results for the patient.

The dental implant procedure at Medstar is tailormade for each patient using the integrated 3D printers which print the chairside surgical guide and the crown, custom abutment made uniquely for each patient via digital technology and the precise selection of implant using R2GATE. All this planning ensures comfortable and non-invasive surgery with a level of accuracy and consistency that is very difficult to achieve through conventional implant placement.

To summarize, there is absolutely no comparison between a one-day implant procedure versus the traditional process of implants, which relies primarily on the experience of the performing surgeon. Our integrated one-day dental implants are not only convenient and cost-effective but also considerably reduces the healing time to a minimum.

Traditional processes that can require multiple visits to the dentist over a period of weeks or months are also minimised to one visit for up to a full mouth implants procedure. This is a same-day service in the most real sense!

What type of dental services are offered under this Digital Dentistry Department?

We treat patients of all ages and offer a variety of treatments including one-day implant placement, microscopic root canal, veneers, Lumineers, crowns, smile makeover, sinus lifts, complete mouth rehabilitation, gum treatments via laser, ultrasound, wisdom tooth extraction, bone augmentation, invisible aligners and all other routine dental treatments

Our computer-guided integrated technology makes every procedure simple, allowing the patient to be well educated on their simple process that will eliminate the requirement of multiple visits to the dentist. Further, being part of a Day Surgery Center, we are also able to combine any of these procedures under sedation.

UEMC Spain chooses Medstar Healthcare LLC as its exclusive partner for Master’s Degree in Dental Implantology

Miguel de Cervantes European University (UEMC) — a private university located in Valladolid, Castilla y León, Spain has chosen Medstar Healthcare LLC, as its exclusive partner for offering its prestigious Master’s Degree in Dental Implantology.

Don Fermín Vicente CEO of UEMC stated, ‘We did an extensive search for the right partner in the GCC to extend our degree and diploma programs. We required a facility possessing an excellent dental infrastructure and dynamic team to be on the ground. After careful deliberation, we identified Medstar to be the ideal partner as part of our growing global infrastructure.

“Medstar’s dental department is the best equipped and state of the art dental facility in the UAE with all latest technology systems”, said Dr Daniel Robles, Program Director at UEMC

Alnoor R. Dhrolia, Chairman, Medstar Healthcare LLC, expressed that the region’s demand for high-quality medical education, made it imperative to establish this collaboration between the two institutions. Education is a life-long process and must remain continuous. Clear objectives on the delivery of such programming thru the newly created education vertical at Medstar have been established and will be the catalyst into a foray of other higher learning opportunities, thru the Center. A strong partnership with UEMC is of strategic importance. It only reinforces our vision of developing a platform of internationally renowned quality medical care, educational content and state of the art infrastructure, enabling medical professionals to enhance their careers for better servicing the peoples of the GCC and beyond. Endorsement of our facility and team by a leading education institution, such as UEMC, is highly encouraging for us and collectively we shall deliver the highest quality of programming.

“This partnership is primarily intended for the benefit dentists in UAE who are eager to upgrade themselves with the privileges of implantology. We are going to combine experience and knowledge of UEMC along with our infrastructure and surgical expertise to deliver the right hands-on experience with theory,” said Vikas Tawani, Executive Director, Medstar. “I have no doubt that together, we will deliver many forward-thinking solutions to our patients.”

Under the agreement, the joint venture will develop a prestigious education vertical in Dubai (subject to regulatory approvals) to offer various degree and diploma programs currently offered by UEMC across various countries. The students upon completion of the program will graduate with a European Degree.

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