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Overdraft facility

  • Due to overdraft charges, the account is negative.
  • Bank should update the records at Al Etihad Credit Bureau.
  • They have already updated the account contract at Al Etihad Credit Bureau portal as zero outstanding balance.

As I’m constructing my house I needed urgent cash. The Union National Bank (UNB) branch recommended an overdraft facility for the month of July, August and September 2017. In the month of July it was paid once my salary was credited and the bank got their money. I then withdrew the remaining amount. I found out that there are draft charges, which were not taken yet that took my account to (-100). In the month of August, I obtained an overdraft, which again was paid in September 2017, and the same thing happened in July and my account went to (-255). UNB updated Al Etihad Credit Bureau, and marked these months as negative and showed I have an outstanding amount.

As per my Al Etihad Credit Bureau current account, it can have a negative balance, however they don’t have the authority to change it, only a bank can do then. When I spoke to the Bank, they refused to change without even putting effort to call and discuss the case. They only replied through email and escalated the issue to the Central Bank. But there was no resolution. The bank didn’t even bother to send me a message to inform me that the account went into a negative balance. And in the case of an overdraft, how come I’m marked negative for something the bank is offering? This is affecting me, as I can’t take a loan from any bank. I’ve already been rejected by four banks and I need to finance my home construction.

From Mr Nooh Al Sayegh


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The management of Union National Bank responds: The customer care representatives have already replied to the customer on Feburary 19, 2018, and informed him that they have already updated the account contract at Al Etihad Credit Bureau portal as zero outstanding balance in December, 2017 and January, 2018.

(Process initiation: January 20, 2018. Response from organisation: February 18, 2018. Process completion: September 6, 2018.)

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