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Largely, social media users thought that society needs to stop shaming women who choose to wear makeup. While some believe that it’s society in the first place that pressurises women to wear makeup.

Here's what some tweep thought:

@leaathal: Makeup vs. No makeup. Stop shaming woman who want to wear makeup. I got “you look gothic today” and “you have way too much makeup on” comments yesterday and let me tell you, we don’t do it for your pleasure. I do it because I love makeup, and it’s my art form.

@DoveCameron: Also: I love makeup and I love extensions. They’re fun. It’s like dress up. I also love my bare face and own hair. Stop shaming girls for living their lives and having fun and playing around with their faces. Stop shaming people. It won’t fix your own life to attack someone else’s.

@Dawn_P_1984: Can I just remind people that makeup is an art form, an expression of self. There are no rules and not everyone likes the same looks, creations etc. Just because I like things a different way to you doesn’t make me wrong, just means our tastes are varied. Please stop the shaming.

@WhitTay13: It’s really sad that society forces women to think that they have to put makeup on and use filters to look acceptable....