I have a connection with du, which has a data of 4GB monthly.

On April 26, my balance reduced to 200.5MB, so I switched off all mobile applications and auto downloading of videos, pictures and music.

On April 28, I received three text messages at a time, saying I have a “balance of 10MB”, “your data has finished”, “you will be charged 32fls/32kb”.

When I tried to call my friend, I didn’t have any balance remaining, to call (my balance was around Dh75).

I then called customer service, and a representative said the amount deducted was due to the data used after my bundle got over. I told him that an alert or warning message was not received on time that would allow me to switch off the data in mobile. If that alert message was sent on time, I could have switched off the data. He replied saying, it’s the customer’s responsibility to check the data balance and he did not have the option to check at what time the text message had been sent to my mobile.

I asked him to register a case so that the technician could verify the error and give an update, but he refused to register a case. Instead, he referred me to speak to his supervisor. He transferred the call twice, but the supervisor did not attend the phone. I waited for 26 minutes. When he tried to transfer the call the third time, I asked him to get me a call back from supervisor.

On the same evening, I received a call from the supervisor. He said my monthly data had finished by April 28, 1.33pm. And at 1.34pm, my full outstanding balance (Dh74) was also finished, due to data usage. So, within a minute, my outstanding balance was over!

Now, my questions to the supervisor were:

Does du have a set up to cut off data once the data balance finishes, and alert the customer? The supervisor answered, no.

I was cheated by du because my money was debited from my account without my permission. The supervisor somewhat agreed and said all service providers are doing the same.

If I was in an emergency and needed to call my office, friend or relative or back home, how would it work out, since my account had gone down to zero? The supervisor said he had no answer.

If du provides the switch off option after the data bundle and the customer ignored it, then debiting from the balance is correct. The supervisor agreed.

He also agreed that he would raise my concerns with the management.

I have detailed this scenario because I used to laugh when my friends would go through this. It is not justified to charge the customer without his/her knowledge.

I am paying almost Dh400 to du, including the data bundle.

From Mr Ameer Saidali


A spokesperson from du responds:

In reference to Mr Saidali’s query, we have investigated this matter and can confirm that the charges are valid, as the customer had exceeded his plan’s data allowance. Mr Saidali continued his data session, resulting in the deduction from his available credit.

We apologise for any inconvenience he may have faced.

Mr Saidali responds:

This is the information that I have already received from the du customer service. I need the answers for the questions I asked the supervisor.

Du responds:

In addition to the response previously shared, we would like to clarify on two specific points raised by Mr Saidali.

A. Does du have a set up in mobile to cut off data once the data balance finish and alert the customer? Our answer: Yes, du customers receive three SMS notifications at:

• 75% of their data usage

• 85% of their data usage

• 100% of their data usage

To check data usage, customers have the options below:

• SMS ‘rewards’ to 1233

• Go to the landing page on your browser: http://mydata.du.ae

• Log on to du.ae/selfcare

Further details are available on http://www.du.ae/personal/helpandsupport/mobile/manage-my-data

B. If I was in need of an emergency call to office/friend/relative or back home, how would it work out, since my account became zero?

Our answer: Customers get two ‘Out of Credit’ calls of one minute duration each when they are out of credit. Customers should call 135 and choose the Out of Credit option. Charges will be deducted from their credit when they recharge next time.

Further details can be found at: http://www.du.ae/personal/mobile/prepaid-plans/pay-as-you-go

(Process initiation: May 12. Response from organisation: May 31. Process completion: June 24.)

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