A view of the pit around the elevator shows the litter. Image Credit: Saritha Krishnakumar


A few days ago, I was accompanying my mother on her daily walk near the Abu Hail Metro Station, Dubai and I was appalled by the state of the area surrounding the elevator of the pedestrian bridge. The pit around it was littered (as seen in photograph). This persuaded me to write about this issue so that it can be brought to the attention of the respective authorities.

A lot of people who litter usually have the worst excuses. They state that they don’t have any proper places to dispose the trash nearby, or the area is already run down and dirty, so what difference does one more person’s littering make. But, why add to an already polluted area? Shouldn’t you instead try to get it cleaned up? That’s the responsible thing to do. There is clearly a lack of awareness when it comes to the hazardous affects of littering. It doesn’t just look bad, it can result in the spread of illnesses. I wish people were more aware of the consequences of their actions.

I believe that the ideal way to raise public awareness regarding this issue of littering is to talk about it or to put up notices concerning it in the affected areas. This will hopefully help to bring about a positive change.

As a concerned resident, I think one way in which we can bring about change in the area mentioned above is by introducing a trash can and signs reading ‘no littering’ close to the elevator. It’s a small step, but at least people will then not have an excuse to litter.

I feel that by making small changes we can help bring down littering and make our city beautiful and clean.


The reader is a student based in Dubai.


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