Weak signal strength

I work in the Oud Metha area, in Dubai. At my office, I am facing poor signal reception. This matter has been highlighted several times to etisalat, by me and my office officially, in writing. This is a common issue for all etisalat users in the office.

The initial complaint was lodged in writing to the etisalat customer care on December 21, 2014. This matter was left unattended for more than two months, and upon follow up with customer care, it came to my notice that the complaint had expired and was closed. It was a surprise to me, as no one had contacted me or resolved the complaint. Then, how is it that the complaint was closed?

However, the same complaint was reported to etisalat in writing, on February 25, 2015, and etisalat issued a new complaint reference number.

This time, a couple of calls were received from etisalat, acknowledging the complaint and stating that the matter has been escalated to the concerned department. Till date, the matter is unresolved.

I am afraid that again, I will receive an answer from customer care that the second complaint has also expired. I would appreciate it if Gulf News could intervene in this matter and resolve the issues I am facing.

From Mr Joshy Varghese


The management of etisalat responds:

This case is a coverage issue, so it’s taking time and we are keeping the customer updated. We will update once it is solved.

Mr Varghese updates:

I confirm that etisalat’s technical team visited our office on May 14 and installed a mobile signal booster indoors. I thank Gulf News for escalating the matter to etisalat and getting it resolved.

(Process initiation: May 7. Response from organisation: May 13. Reader confirmation: May 17.)

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