On May 18, 2016, upon receiving an SMS alert for a Dh2,683 transaction on my card, I immediately called Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank’s (ADIB) call centre to tell them not to charge me, and to block my card, as I had not undertaken the transaction. The call centre assured me that while there had been a transaction at the merchant level, the Bank would not charge my credit card, since I confirmed immediately that it was not my transaction.

At the end of the month, my bank statement showed otherwise. Upon immediately calling the call centre, I was told that the card had been charged, and I needed to submit a dispute form. On June 8, I sent the duly filled and signed form, by replying to everyone on the initial email. As there was no response to this or other follow-up emails, I called the call centre, and an agent told me that such complaints take up to 120 days. I called them after 90 days, and must have called them 10-15 times, but there was no update.

On November 5, 2016, when my husband spoke to an agent, firmly asking him to resolve the issue at that very moment, or else we would escalate it to the Central Bank, the agent checked and told us the issue was resolved and the complaints department would call me within two days, confirming the reversal.

The complaints department did call me, but to say that the transaction was successful as far as the bank was concerned, and suggested to take it up with Paypal. I wrote to Head of Cards in ADIB, but there has been no action.

After 11 stressful months, I request Gulf News to urgently intervene and help me, as the financial liability being imposed on me is extremely unfair.

From Ms Rabia Tirmizey


Ms Tirmizey updates:

I received a call from Head of Complaints Unit, ADIB, as they had been approached by Gulf News regarding my credit card fraud transaction. The bank still maintains the same stance — that the transaction was successful and I would need to take it up at the merchant level.

In an earlier call from their Complaints Unit, I was even told that I have received delivery of goods, against which, this transaction happened, and it is a genuine transaction. I have been reiterating to the bank that I don’t have a Paypal account and have never used their services.

I followed the correct protocol by immediately reporting the transaction to the bank (on May 18 2016) when I received the SMS. I told them I have not undertaken this transaction and did not hang up till they assured me I wouldn’t be charged. I don’t have to call any merchant as I am an ADIB customer, not a customer of Paypal. The bank needs to resolve it for me.

The management of ADIB responds:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. With regards to the customer’s complaints, the transaction was conducted in a secure manner, that is, using the customer’s authentication details. As a bank, we always urge customer to keep their details safe and such transactions cannot be disputed and hence, the customer will need to speak to the merchant for further resolution, as it cannot be disputed from our end, due to a secure transaction.

We have been in contact with the customer, informing her of the same, however, unfortunately, not to her satisfaction.

(Process initiation: April 13, 2017. Response from organisation: April 18, 2017.)

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