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Many believed that political correctness can come in the way of openly stating the truth and can be an obstacle to the role of media.

Here's what some tweeps said...


It feels good to not have to cower to political correctness. Even if you do, they will still turn on you eventually. It’s not based on truth or justice. So you’re not doing yourself or anyone a favor by being a weak, scared version of yourself. Kindness is good. PC pandering bad.


The truth will not be found buried within the confines of political correctness.

The media has become too political correctness for honesty.


What you read & what you see on a daily basis is largely manufactured by the mainstream media & the monster in every household called Television.

Today, political correctness is a weapon used to silence those who tell the Truth!ߤ?

Have the courage to be in the path of Truth!


As long as journalists seperate news and facts from commentary and option, it’s o.k. That’s what good journalism is all about. The freedom of speech must reign over “political correctness” (which should be named “incorrectness” as it serves other purposes than telling the truth).