Freddie Image Credit: Supplied

Abandoned, abused and forgotten. These animals need your support. Adopt, foster and help rehome an abandoned pet.


Some people also know Freddie as Captain Hook, a name as was given by the staff at the vet where he was treated.

Freddie used to live on the streets of Dubai and experienced hardships, which left him with scars some of which healed and some he’ll carry for life.

He is a chubby cat who likes to watch television. He is not fond of other cats coming into his space so a home where he is the only pet would be ideal.

He is not a tripod cat but he does not use one of his front legs, we do not yet understand why he does that. It is a mystery everyone is failing to solve.

The five-year-old Arabian Mau also suffers from Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). He is fully vaccinated, neutered and ready to be adopted.

For more details on Freddie, contact 38 Smiles on


Sansa Image Credit: Supplied

Sansa is a very happy and sweet dog who is always wagging her tail. She is an extremely friendly dog who loves playing with balls. She blue-eyed girl also enjoys cuddles and hugs.

She is a very energetic mixed breed dog who needs lots of exercise and running so an active owner would be ideal. She also settles in well with children and other dogs.

For details on Sansa, contact Ras Al Khaimah Animal Welfare Centre at 07 243 3184 or