In the photograph, one can see cyclists taking a shortcut. It is shocking how irresponsibly some cyclists are subjecting themselves to life-threatening situations. They should understand that such behaviour can result in death. In this case, their shortcut not only puts at risk their own lives, but can also change the truck driver’s future.

Whose mistake is it anyway? If the cyclist falls onto the wrong side, is it the cyclist who is breaking the rules to save a couple of minutes or the truck driver, who will not even realise what is happening until it is too late?

Or is it the company’s fault, which has provided flexible means of transport to employees? The end result would be that everyone suffers, including their dependents and families.

I wish to emphasise that cyclists need to understand their responsibilities to ensure road safety and also urge companies who provide bicycles as a means of transport to educate the employees to be more vigilant and responsible. People should remember that lives are precious.

The reader is an assistant manager, based in Dubai.

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