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  • Are our phones listening to us? Social media users debate.

Social media users thought that their conversations were being heard and used by ad agencies as they seem to get ads about things they have freshly spoken about. Many questioned why the issue was not being dealt with.

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Mostafa Hamedani

We actually give permission to all the apps we use to access our microphone, albums and camera. This is how they track and we see the ads right after we open our mouth.

Abdo Kallawy

There’s a reason why the term ‘corporate slave’ exists. It isn’t coin alone we’re in dire need for to get on with our lives, it’s whatsapp, it’s Instagram, basically the very notion of social media that tags along, toe-to-toe with every smartphone that we have to own to reach out to everyone else, that is the majority, in addition to the ones that pay their bills; ads. It is unfortunately an unavoidable matter because it comes right at the bottom of an enormous pyramid that is both complex and exhausting to dig under with minimal-to-no rates of it leading anywhere.

Mariam Abu Bakr

It’s not just paranoia, we’re all pretty sure this is happening. There’s no way I would be targeted for a parents’ ad right after being invited to a baby shower. I was 20 years old at the time. Ads almost always coincide with my conversations, and I know it’s not a coincidence. The scary part is, we know it happens, it freaks us out but we don’t seem to do anything about it.



So erm yesterday I told my cousin over the phone that my favourite crisps were pickled onion Space Invaders

And today, this advert appeared on my Instagram. Now are we just totally cool with our phones listening to us or is there some kinda number to call?