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Social media users highlighted the unhealthy behaviour people exhibit when using social media platforms. Some admitted to linking their self-esteem to the interaction they receive online.

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Satya Khoji: It depends on how and for what you use [social media]. It can be helpful as well as harmful, it depends on [the] user.

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@kathleen_deeks: Instagram hiding like counts is such a positive move and if that’s something that makes you angry, you’re the one who needs this change the most. There is so much more to life than how many likes you get.

@johnangle: I tie an unhealthy amount of my self-esteem to the number of likes, favourites, and comments my posts get on social media.

@haileychadwick: I think it’s cool how Instagram doesn’t publicly show how many likes you get anymore. So many people are still so stuck in a high school popularity mindset... things are about to change.

@JessicaMoleoa: You don’t have to validate your experiences and moments through social media.

@Aj_Cruzzz: This is unhealthy if social media likes and comments genuinely bothers you.