Time and again, we have been hearing multifaceted views on the causes for the rampant deaths on UAE roads. However, it is unfortunate that we have been avoiding any discussion on the root cause. It is time to catch the bull by its horns, so as to bring this increasing malady under control.

UAE has excellent roads. In addition, this country is blessed to have a very efficient and effective police department, supported by radar cameras to ensure the safety of the commuters. Despite all of these efficient and effective measures, it is unfortunate that the numbers of accidents and deaths on the roads are staggering. The root cause is nothing but the attitude of a few road bullies.

The reasons can be rightly traced to three key factors; impatience, arrogance and rudeness.

For instance, even when driving at an excessive speed of 130 on a highway, you may see a car suddenly appearing in your rearview mirror, intimidating you with the angry flash of lights, and demanding you to move over to the track on your right, which is already full, with vehicles moving at very close range, providing no space or opportunity to divert.

Also, it is not uncommon to get endangered by bullies who suddenly appear from nowhere, snaking between the extreme left track to the extreme right track, and then vice versa, by sharply cutting through the intermediate tracks, with utmost disregard to the lives of those in the closely moving vehicles.

Practically, it is not feasible to post police officers everywhere to detect and control such reckless bullies.

However, it would be more practical if a few of the ‘law abiding road users’ could be authorised and provided with wideview cameras on their vehicles to transmit such criminal scenes to the police department before an accident or death could be caused.

- The reader is an Indian training manager based in Dubai