I had submitted a request to du to refund the security deposit for international roaming for two of my mobile numbers on March 13, 2017. I requested that the security deposit amount of Dh4,000 be credited to my bank account, and had submitted my bank account number at the same time.

However, the deposit was credited to my du account, and when I called customer care, they requested my bank account details as they did not have the complete information in their records. I submitted the bank account details on April 7 and till date, I have not yet received an update as to when I can expect to receive the refund, in spite of several calls and visits to their customer care centre.

Please help me to resolve this issue with du as I have been following up with them since a month and till date, I have not yet received a concrete reply as to when I will get my roaming deposit back.

From Mr Kumar Mulani


A spokesperson from du responds:

In response to Mr Mulani’s query, the matter has been investigated by our customer care team, who have confirmed that the matter has been resolved. Our team has been in contact with Mr Mulani regarding his details. The amount will be credited to Mr Mulani’s bank account within 6-7 working days. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Mr Mulani responds:

The security deposit was credited to my bank account a few days. Thank you Gulf News for the assistance in resolving this issue.

(Process initiation: April 27. Response from organisation: May 11. Reader confirmation: May 16.)

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