Rape victim
Rape victim: Picture for illustrative purpose only. Image Credit: IANS

Rape cases in India need to stop

By Ramachandran Nair

It is quite upsetting to read reports on rising rape murders and outrage over such recurring incidents happening in India – the land of so-called traditions and values.

First and foremost, an assault or crime against a woman is not taken seriously in Indian society. When the prevailing judicial system in most countries is lax about punishing offenders, then the latter are encouraged to act even more brazenly. The 2012 Delhi Nirbhaya rape case is a good example, as it not only shook India, but the world, yet there have been countless instances after that, which have been more violent and brutal.

It was quite disgusting to know that several incidents of sexual assault and rape have involved minors as well. The motive behind such callous acts should be analysed to find the root cause.

For a majority of the people, it is difficult to understand the mindset of a rapist. Rape is an act of aggression or intrusion on another human being’s rights. These rights need to be protected, and the responsibility of this primarily rests with the society.

The absence of a strong legal system and the speedy implementation of the verdict could be the primary cause of increasing such incidents. In India, thousands of similar cases are still languishing in courts due to a host of reasons. The most worrying fact is, however, that the rising crimes of different nature has not prompted the government to give due importance to such issues, especially due to the meddling of influential politicians.

The Indian government with backing of the legal system should work together to support the common man and the women of this country. People should be allowed to freely approach the judiciary and police to seek assistance as and when required. There should be immediate processing of legal formalities in extreme cases and this must be communicated to society in a positive way, to educate and improve awareness among the mass thus helps preserving the individual dignity.

In India, there were law-makers accused of harassing women, but were given access to parliaments and state assemblies due to their extreme influence and corruption. In such a scenario, how can a government pledge justice to the common people?

It is a fact that most governments across the globe spend billions for the safety of politicians and their associates. Public money is being utilised to give these people comfort and security. But there is no mechanism in place, which allows common people to freely walk through the streets, especially women. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure their safety throughout.

Even though the government proposed a fast-track proceedings on the recent Hyderabad incident, it is the police and other concerned authorities took matters into their own hands. Such incidents need to be looked at with extreme importance to end this menace of shame and immature acts in this new age of technology.

- The reader is a resident of Muscat, Oman.Human race: Slaves to selfies?

The problem with the selfie culture is that it is fundamentally askew. The photos that we take in the form of selfies are coded to be logically unflattering in many cases. Image Credit: Pexels

Selfies are taking over the world

By Geethika Radhakrishnan

Taking selfies has become a rage and is a global phenomenon. This obsession has cost several lives, but has also immortalised several moments. But at what cost?

The practice of taking photographs and storing them as memories has existed since the pre-digital era. But how young adults and global citizens perceived the idea, rather not wanting to imitate them, conceptualised the terrorizing ‘selfies’.

Selfies were meant to be a way to connect and communicate with people around the world. Though the idea clicked very well initially, slowly, the trend almost became a dangerous obsession, so much so that it has been banned in some places in the world.

For the hundreds of likes and chains of comments rewarded by their followers, they choose to put themselves and, sometimes, the people around them, in danger.

Between 2011 and 2017, at least 259 people died taking selfies around the world, according to India’s Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care. Shockingly, some studies suggest selfies are five times more deadly than sharks.

What started as a new form of visual art and self-expression, has taken over as a vicious force, and has become an issue. People have fallen from buildings, drowned, and more.

All these are concrete pieces of evidence showcasing how teenagers and the people of the world have become so impulsive and thoughtless.

We really must think before we fall prey to illogical trends. The least we would lose is a memory - which we can always keep in our hearts. The most and the best we could gain is life. We need to be present in the moment.

In this fast-paced world, where the competitive race to make one’s life feels perfectly in bliss amongst the others, selfies may seem compulsive. The world needs to rightly conceive the idea of making memories, before it is too late.

- The reader is a Dubai-based student.

Christmas mass timings
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Be a mindful shopped this Christmas

By Chaya Mathew

What would Shakespeare say about modern day shopping? Maybe: To thine own self be true, in other words whatever you want to experience or enjoy, be mindful of yourself.

Yes, it is that time of the year when everything seems to give off the greatest glow of cheerfulness. This season weaves in a magical spell creating something extra for everyone. You see ribbons, poinsettias, Christmas trees, ornaments, wreaths, hear the jingles and joyful songs and can feel the joy just about everywhere.

One cannot help but to soak in the festivities and ringing in the new year or enjoying celebrations is never complete without giving and receiving gifts. This probably is the month where almost everyone browses for new products, looks for latest fashion trends and shops to their heart’s content.

I have never been a slave to the viral trends, I have always tried to be uniquely myself with the fashion choices or otherwise, yet, shop everything on your wish list with 0 per cent installment plans, top selling products at 80 per cent off, free next day delivery, skin care essentials buy one and get two free and many other eye-catching offers have made me buy in all those things, I never thought I wanted or needed.

I am not the kind who stacks up purchases on credit cards, not a shopaholic, however this time of the month is an exception. I’ve no clue where the ideas come in nonetheless I end up with things that look good under the tree and seize to be of any use the very next day.

So, this year, my shopping list had an additional column, recording the number times an item could be used in real sense.

Sounds bit bookish and boring but it did give me immense satisfaction of firstly shopping mindfully and secondly, I got a change to see what I really wanted or needed, as opposed to falling for advertisements. A lesson learnt that if you are intentional, if you are attentive about everything you do, the moments will be automatically filled in with joys and all things around us become cozier and more welcoming.

- The writer is a resident of Dubai