Image Credit: Gulf News archives

What you need to know:

  • Forgiveness is an important emotion.
  • How can forgiveness affect your own mental peace.

Most of us have been taught that good people forgive bad people no matter what they do. However, in real life, it requires a lot of self-discipline to forgive someone who harms you and causes you pain. How can we simply forgive people who make us cry or suffer? It is really challenging and requires strength and training, but again why should we challenge ourselves and carry the entire burden to forgive people who do not deserve forgiveness?

Here is the point; you have to practice forgiveness not because others deserve that but because you deserve peace. Here is a reminder of a few facts that we mostly know; the existence of evil is a natural law to maintain balance in the universe and life is sometimes unfair and bad things could happen to bad people. In fact, you cannot kill others by drinking poison and negative emotions like anger, hatred and bitterness produce harmful chemicals in your body so they harm you not them. There are a few tips that could help us forgive others; first take the time you need to heal as you cannot really forgive someone while you are still emotionally bleeding. Second, re-analyze the situation from a third person perspective and adopt an objective viewpoint as much as you can so that you may find a justifiable excuse to feel better. Third, every bad experience has some positive results or precious lessons, so always focus on the positive side of the situation. Fourth, remember that forgiving others does not mean acknowledging what they did was right but means that you have become wise enough to let go of whatever affects your health, wellness, peace and happiness. Finally get busy loving yourself and the people who love you, so you do not have time to hate those who harmed you.

- The reader is a business consultant based in Ras Al Khaimah.