Dormant account

I have always seen that Gulf News has helped people with their issues when nobody did it. In my case, I am also approaching in anticipation that I will be helped.
I opened a savings account around 4 years ago in National Bank of Dubai (now Emirates NBD). It was a zero-balance account and I was a student at that time.

Then, I started working and my company offered me another bank for salary transfer. So I had Dh16.25 balance and I didn’t use that account, I guess since two years or so.
I went to the branch in Al Ain on September 5, 2011 to close my account. But the customer care officer told me that I am charged Dh100 and now I have a negative balance, which I need to pay before I close my account.

I inquired what this charge was for, as I am not even using the account.

She replied: “I don’t know, you have to pay Dh100 then your account gets closed.”
After arguing with her, she directed me to the branch manager. The manager told me that I am charged as in a dormant account. It means if I don’t use my account for long I will be charged for it. I told him how can you charge me when I am not even using an account. But he was not ready to listen. He directed me to the call centre to talk to them. When I did that, they told me that it’s a bank policy that if I don’t use my account I will be charged for it. I put up my question that I am not using it, then it’s a zero balance, then how can I be charged. Moreover, I explained to them that even if there is a policy or a new policy, it should be brought to my notice. I am totally frustrated as nobody is helping me and giving me a clear picture.

From Mr Salim Mir
Al Ain

The management of Emirates NBD responds:

We are pleased to inform you that the concerned department contacted Mr Mir and resolved his query. We would like to take this opportunity to Gulf News and the customer for providing us with feedback and regret the inconvenience caused. Many thanks for the continued support and valued efforts.

Mr Mir responds:

I have got my charges reverted to my account and I can get my account closed without any charges. I was asked to come any time to close my account.

Denied travel

I purchased air ticket from Air Arabia for my employee who wanted to travel from Kathmandu to Dubai, as in the past I purchased tickets on my credit card and other employees have also travelled. But this time he was not allowed to board. The reason that it was not his card, though he had my credit card number, my visa stamped on his passport and company letter as proof of my company’s connection with him. Now there will be no refund for this ticket. Why did they issue ticket if it was for another person — whoever purchased it, a ticket is a ticket to travel? I want to know the reason behind stopping the passenger, despite having a valid ticket.

From Mr Prakash Bhambhani

Mr Hussam Raydan, public relations manager, Air Arabia responds:

We regret that Mr Bhambhani had to face this inconvenience while travelling with Air Arabia. The passenger flying was not the card holder and since he was travelling from Kathmandu, showing original card is a must. The reason for this policy is related to reducing fraudulent transactions and is applicable on certain routes. This policy is clearly mentioned while booking online as well as printed in bold letters on the travel itinerary. Mr Bhambhani can always take his case forward with Air Arabia’s customer relations team