Recovering from neglect and abuse, these two German Shepherd puppies are now looking for a safe, warm home. Gulf News reader Montserrat Martin has urged the community to help. Image Credit: Supplied

The story of two young puppies suffering from severe rickets as a result of being neglected by their owner was published as a community report in Gulf News a few months ago.

After undergoing treatment for four weeks at the Modern Veterinary Clinic, the puppies made a slow and painful recovery.

A kind woman donated money and offered to foster them until they could find a perfect permanent home, despite the fact that she already had 18 other pets. Her determination to help them has got them through two months.

The puppies are very attached to her, but they urgently need to be handed over to a loving family.

The puppies will soon undergo an intensive rehabilitation programme, based on hydrotherapy, massage and exercises at Dogwalk in Dubai. They will live full-time in the clinic as part of their treatment for the next two weeks.

However, financial support is urgently required — we need to cover the therapy-discounted cost, their boarding, special diets and vitamin supplements.

All of the effort will be in vain if a permanent home is not found for these lovable animals.

They have a fantastic temperament, but are a little reserved when meeting new people.

The male German Shepherd is more outgoing, but both pups are inseparable. As soon as you move one away from the other, they both become very agitated.

They also love children.

Doctors are very optimistic that with a very good diet, long walks, exercise and care, they will make a full recovery.

If you would like to contribute, you can do so directly at the clinic by calling 04 3446945 or 050 7706711. Just mention Kit and Kat from Friends of Animals.

If you wish to adopt them, you can also contact us to arrange a meeting.


— The reader is the founder of Friends of Animals group in Dubai