Eco Club members get a rare chance to plant endangered tree saplings. Image Credit: Supplied

The second year of the eco-school project literally transformed Our Own English High School, Sharjah into a beehive of eco-activities, with students getting collectively involved in all the innovative initiatives of the ever vibrant Eco Club. The club expanded its area of function by inducting the senior management team, representatives from the administration team, staff, support staff and student office bearers into the fold of Eco Club.

The members were honoured with a badge and got initiated into the selfless service of the club in a solemn and dignified ceremony.

The eco-school project in the academic year 2011-12 will focus on building on the previous initiatives from last year as well as on the "Eco-code" that has been framed by the committee this year. The code: Shaping tomorrow with our green actions.

Imbibing the true spirit of an eco conscious, committed student community, the Children's Day was celebrated with a difference. An anti-litter campaign was carried out to estimate the waste generated on that day.The Eco Club facilitated the students to segregate the waste as organic food waste, paper and recyclable plastic waste.

The Green Monitors collected the same from their respective classes and weighed them in the Rock Garden under the guidance of the Eco Representatives. The biodegradable waste was dumped into the compost pit.

As a part of the "eat smart trim waste" campaign the Eco Club took one step forward by sending students to attend a workshop organised by the Mevegcongress. Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet. This was the message that was conveyed at the conference held on December 5 and 6. Students experienced practical knowledge in a fun way. They learned that raising animals for food required massive amounts of land, food, energy, and water. The byproducts of animal agriculture also pollute our air and waterways. The students had an opportunity to interact with experts in the field of health and environment and researchers, naturalists who live an organic and/or vegetarian, vegan, raw lifestyle among other authorities.

Respecting our planet is essential if we have to be safe. It is easy to talk about living green but we need to take action.

On the same day, the eco-champions of Grade 7 and 8 were trained by their teachers to make a presentation on disposing waste wisely. The 221 enthusiastic students went around school and educated their peers in reducing, respecting and disposing waste wisely.

Additionally, the students along with the Eco club coordinators got a wonderful opportunity to visit the Pacific Controls Green Building in the Middle East. The students were acquainted with the use of renewable energy technologies such as solar cells for heating water and a generation of alternative and environment-friendly energy, as well as the use of wind energy. They were also acquainted with the modern techniques used in energy management and reduction of energy consumption.

On December 12, the students attended the Clean up UAE campaign. The school crew involved themselves in the activity and professed their love for the UAE. The students lived up to the theme of the campaign — ‘Love UAE? Then keep it clean!'

On December 20, a tree planting ceremony was held at the school. Sharjah National History Museum donated 50 Ghaf trees to the school. The Eco Club members got a rare chance to plant the endangered tree saplings.

On the other hand, for the second consecutive year, Recycle Runway — a fashion show — was put up by the home science department. The students created wealth out of waste. Waste materials like unwound wires from tapes, denim, magazines, old school uniforms and soft drink cans were used to make new stylish hand bags.

The show began with a traditional Indian dance, followed by a walk on the ramp. The models, dressed completely in black, walked on stage displaying the colourful creations. The artifacts clearly left the audience spellbound.

The artwork was also exhibited in the school. The exhibition was open to the students and staff of other schools, too. As a part of the green audit, the message on being green was given at an assembly conducted at the school. A quiz was conducted to create awareness on recycling.

— The reader is the president of the Eco Club at the Our Own English High School, Sharjah

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