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Social media users thought that productivity is more important than the number of hours an employee works for. Some took the opportunity to make quirky remarks about work hours.


Haris Toffic: I believe that employees have responsibilities and duties that they know they have to cover regardless of the time it takes, which is precisely why people end up staying late after hours instead of coming exactly at 9am and leaving exactly at 5pm. Time shouldn’t be considered when what you really want is output from an employee. As an employer there are certain expectations you have from your employee and you should trust that those expectations will be met regardless of whether the person comes in at 9 or 11am, or leaves earlier. From what I see, the concept of the eight-hour work shift is more of an illusion for the employer to feel like they are actually receiving something for the full eight hours that the employee is at work, when in reality that employee may only be actually working for 3 hours and completing everything that is expected from him or her.

Asif Usman: Yes, eight hours duty per day is very much outdated now, a new four to five hours duty system should be brought for testing.


@RanceChobinson: My desired work hours for my future job would be from like 9a to 10am, but getting paid for a full 8-10 hour shift.

@Chantalvander_S: Today I worked an eight-hour shift and someone called me to stay longer so I could help my colleague with dinner (I work at a nursing home) and yes,I stayed and my eight-hour shift became a 13-hour shift without a ‘real’ break so I’m a bit tired now haha.