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The tragic death of basketball star Kobe Bryant and his daughter shook many. Soon after, a journalist posted online about sexual allegations against Bryant and got suspended for it. Many questioned whether political correctness is coming in the way of media serving it’s role of telling the truth. Gulf News readers discuss

‘Woke’ culture

Youngsters are pushing for political correctness

With an increase in social consciousness and a rise in the millennial culture of being ‘woke’, there has come an increase demand of political correctness especially in journalism. On one hand lies the decency of a report that gives journalists an authority to phrase their stories in an ethical way using political correctness. On the other hand, it does hinder honesty or true freedom of speech.

As much as awareness and proposition in our modern day society we have for being careful with our words a lot people still obviously or discreetly find themselves being the target of politically corrected ‘marginalised’ terms depicting their colour, history or faith for that matter. Therefore, the future in the same way will curb and cover strong opinions from being made due to political correctness. I think that’s an issue.

In my opinion, stand-up comedians, journalists, doctors and many other professions do intentionally or inevitably consume themselves into using foul language against minorities but the trend of normalising such speech is only decreasing with an increase request of eloquent insight in political correctness.

From Ms Aymen Ali

Student based in Ajman.

The truth needs to be out

Media platforms set the tone for what’s right

Media in itself should be an unbiased platform that should be able to call out norms and institutions for injustice and inequality. People depend media to stay informed and aware of the world around them. There are rules to be followed and a tone to be used to inform the people, but media should be used to spread only, and nothing but, the truth.

Facts and statistics don’t change regardless of how one may feel about them and it is the duty of the media to state those facts. There are moral codes and ethics to be followed like not talking ill about a man or woman on the event of his death. But if a crime is committed, then it has to be published.

That criminal is personally responsible for his or her crime, not his community, religion, race, caste or creed.

For example: If Bill Cosby is guilty, then he alone is guilty; not his race or country. Mentioning those is unnecessary. Bottom line, as long as political correctness doesn’t affect the truth of the message, it should be followed.

From Mr Siddique Mohiuddin

Content marketer based in Dubai

Too sensitive

Media’s role is to inform the world

I think political correctness is most definitely coming in the way of the truth.

I feel political correctness should only be confined to the style of words used but not in omitting entire stories, that is called censorship. Since the beginning of time the media is there to be an outlet for the unbiased and unfiltered truth of what is happening in the society. They should remain neutral and cannot be judged for exposing some piece of news just because it could be considered as being in ‘bad taste’.

As long as the news is being passed on in a respectful and orderly fashion, without derogatory words being used, then it should definitely be told to the world.

For example, in the case of Kobe Bryant, the news about allegations against should be told regardless of whether he has passed or not. People have the right to the entire truth and then they can make their own assumptions. By omitting the story, you are in a way, controlling people’s views and opinions and there is nothing respectful about that.

It starts small but that’s how it will escalate into the likes of George Orwell’s 1984.

From Ms Maria Aga

Market researcher based in Dubai

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