Afra Ashique A fresh lease of life Left: Plastic debris floating in the crocodile pond. Right: The new enclosure planned for crocodiles, which will ensure ease of management and a more hygienic habitat. Image Credit: Supplied Picture

During the recent Eid holidays, I visited the Emirates Park Zoo in Abu Dhabi with my parents. I was shocked to see the plastic debris such as water bottles, blue polythene bags and chocolate wrappers floating in a crocodile pond. Such acts depict carelessness on part of the zoo visitors as they throw garbage inside ponds and cages, even though a warning board indicates that littering should be avoided (as seen in the photograph).

Animals could suffer from respiratory problems caused by ingesting the plastic debris as they may choke on it. It may also stop the process of food digestion. This could lead to the slow death of the animals.

A zoo is home to many different species of animals. I request the zoo visitors to show extra care towards the animals, as some of them are endangered or threatened. Visitors should refrain from littering in ponds and cages or any similar acts that could lead to the extinction of animals.


The reader is based in Sharjah.


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