Paying for fraud transaction

I would like to raise a complaint with Emirates Islamic Bank (EIB) for a fraud transaction amount paid through my debit card. The transaction on my debit card, of Dh13,176 on April 21, 2015, was done through online shopping. The bank immediately called me about the transaction. I told the bank that it was not my transaction and asked them to immediately block the card and stop it from going forward. After some time, I received one more call from the bank to confirm the transaction and I confirmed that it was wrong and no one in my family has my pin or card number.

I insisted they block the transaction and not let the money be debited from my account, as it takes at least two to three working days to deliver the material, which has been bought online. The very next day, I visited the bank to lodge a complaint, even though the bank had called me after two days to come to the branch and complain. I registered the complaint with the bank and they assured me that they would try and get my money back. Every now and then, I chase the bank and they, in turn, tell me to wait till June 20. I patiently waited for this long period as requested by the bank, as I trusted them. The bank can also go through the history of my account and see that I have never made such a huge transaction - that too, online!

I did not get any information from the bank regarding the transaction, or as to how the transaction had taken place, to whom they have delivered the product or who has acknowledged the material that was bought by my card. Suddenly, the bank called to tell me that they have investigated and confirmed that I have done this particular transaction. When I asked the bank about the transaction details, they didn’t have any details. They are telling me that the merchant confirmed that the pin was put in, so the transaction must have been done by me. I told the bank, if the hacker can get my card details, which were in my wallet, they will be smart enough to get the pin as well!

This is a matter of Dh13,000. How can I bear this loss? I am drawing a monthly salary of Dh4,500 and that money was being saved for my children’s education. Now, on the assurance of the bank, I have borrowed and settled their fees, trusting that they will get this huge amount back into my account.

I am really desperate. I humbly request Gulf News to intervene with the bank and the shop and get my hard-earned money back to my account.

From Ms Precilla Juliana Corda


The management of Emirates Islamic Bank responds:

Thank you for bringing Ms Corda’s concerns to our attention.

Please note, that following our investigations on the disputed transaction, the full amount has been refunded to Ms Corda’s account on August 5, and we have informed the customer of the same.

We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that Emirates Islamic is committed to providing the highest-level of customer service to our loyal clientele.

Ms Corda responds:

Thank you for the reply. I have just received a message from EIB. They have refunded the amount to my account.

Thank you, Gulf News, for the kind support. I really appreciate the effort taken, as without it, this resolution would not have been possible. Thank you once again to EIB for all the cooperation extended to me in this time.

(Process initiation: July 20. Response from organisation: July 21. Reader confirmation: August 8.)

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